Weed Killing, Naturally

weed in pavement

A day or two after reading the study about Roundup’s toxic dangers, I came across a post at WebMD that’s all about how to kill weeds the natural way.

No chemicals. No hazards. All you have to do is use simple everyday ingredients found around the house.

Like…water. Boil it and then pour it over the weeds. Weeds, it seems, don”˜t like being scalded any more than we do.

Or, you can soap them to death with a mixture of liquid soap and water. This one, however, is a case of less is more, so spray rather than pour.

You can also pickle them with vinegar. Or let them drink themselves to death with a shot or two of alcohol (although I’m sure you can think of better things to do with the vodka or tequila).

Then again, you could always smother them. Try corn meal gluten as a pre-emergent herbicide. And don’t forget the tried and true mulch cover that not only blocks the weeds but also keeps the garden moist.

Weed killing – the safe and easy way.

Image: Jack Brodus