What to Eat When You Have a Urinary Tract Infection


Each year some 8.3 million Americans visit the doctor to treat a urinary tract infection (UTI). They are far more prevalent among women than men, with 20 percent of women who have had one statistically bound to get another. However, UTIs are relevant to men and women alike, as there is no one source for it and it can be incited by many different ailments, from a bladder infection to sex.

There are ways to prevent the worsening of your UTI, but let’s focus on the food component. Here are 5 things you should be consuming:

1. Cranberries

Surprise, surprise! If you know anything about curing urinary tract infections, cranberries generally enter the scene. And the popular remedy really does work. They contain hippuric acid, which prevent bacteria from sticking to urethra walls. Excess sugar can actually exacerbate a urinary tract infection by effectively feeding bacteria, so don’t consume more than 16-32 ounces of fresh, unsweetened cranberry juice per day. Concentrated cranberry juice should be consumed in smaller volumes than un-concentrated versions. Try diluting cranberry juice with water to get the benefits without the sugar rush.

2. Probiotics

Urinary tract infections are the result of bacteria building up up in the urinary tract. To balance this detrimental bacteria, opt for foods or a supplement with healthy probiotics. That way, you can keep the body’s intestinal flora balanced. Try probiotic-packed Greek yogurt or make your own kefir.

3. Garlic

Garlic possesses anti-bacterial properties and has shown to inhibit nine bacteria isolates and the candida parapsilosis (source of fungal infection). Eat garlic in its crushed state, perhaps adding it to a sauce, as this helps to release the anti-fungal and active component, allicin.

4. Yellow Bell Pepper

This fruit is packed with vitamin C, with one large pepper containing about 570 percent of the daily value of this UTI-fighting compound. Vitamin C has shown to reduce urinary infections.

5. Green Vegetables and their Juices

These are highly alkaline and help to offset the acidity of everyday life, including consumption of coffee, tea, cola, and alcohol. They ultimately flush bacteria out of the system and return your body to its healthy state. Start with a green smoothie.

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