What Does It Take to Sustain New York City?


It’s a tried and true fact that New Yorkers will try anything, and having lived there for eight years, I can speak from experience. Food fads are as common as hippies on Haight Street, but they can also come and go as fast as you can say, “I Love New York”. First there was greenmarket produce and free-range chicken, followed by the sushi craze and Tasti D-Lite. Heirloom tomatoes and bubble tea came next and that’s when citysiders let Starbucks take over the Big Apple.

Souen perfected macrobiotic, the dietary regimen that emphasizes locally-grown grains and produce combined into meals according to the principles of yin and yang. Restaurants like Pure Food & Wine and Quintessence tried to catapult the raw food movement to fame, which proved to be a dismal failure. You may be wondering, as I often do, what’s next?

Enter GustOrganics, the first 100% USDA Certified Organic bar in the country. It’s the only place in New York to serve an entirely organic menu with a full certified organic bar including beers, wines and spirits. All drinks are free of chemicals, artificial substances, hormones and pesticides – helping to reduce harm to the environment and also minimizing the risk of headaches the next morning.

“At GustOrganics we are trying to bring organics and sustainability into the mainstream. Our first mission was to prove that you can make great tasting organic food and drinks in a sustainable manner at reasonable prices.” said Alberto Gonzalez, founder and CEO of GustOrganics.

Now, in San Francisco, restaurant-goers wouldn’t bat an eyelash and would embrace this idea as soon as they did composting and victory gardens. New Yorkers, on the other hand, might pay it mind for a mere moment but move on as soon as the next latest news breaks. GustOrganics makes me question, what will it take to make sustainability stick in the fickle city that never sleeps? Does it really have a home there, or will it go down like so many others in food fad history?