What’s the Story?


Everyone loves a good story. In fact, I’m a sucker for one. As a young girl, I’d squeeze in next to my dad and the huge armrest of his brown and orange plaid recliner (yes, it was the 70s) in eager anticipation of the next chapter of “Alice in Wonderland”. An hour later, he’d peel me off the chair and carry me to bed as I pleaded with him – “pleeeeease dad, just one more page?”

A good story grabs us, entices us, inspires us and moves us. A good story hopefully leaves us wanting more. Such is the case when I learned about Leanne McElroy.

Her clothing line – Elroy Apparel – launched in Fall 2007 with an amazing selection of sophisticated, beautiful and socially responsible, eco-friendly pieces. The cool thing about McElroy is she doesn’t just design green clothing, she lives it.

No, she’s not the latest celebrity to join the green bandwagon, and she’s definitely not in it for “show”. Her products are authentic and her story is truly green. A strict vegan for many years, McElroy’s knowledge of all things organic is endless. She began making her own clothes by hand when she was just 13. It’s no surprise that her talent along with her green lifestyle paved the way toward Elroy Apparel.

Her website expresses it best. “[McElroy designs] sophisticated street wear for the contemporary health conscious woman, who cares not only what she looks like, but what story her clothing carries.”

The moral of the story? Green isn’t just a trend like leggings, or a phase like the terrible twos. For many of us, green has transformed us and become a significant part of our lives. We care about our own health and the wellness of future generations. The choices we make – about food, clothing, cars, toothpaste – reflect this.

Many retailers, including popular companies like Whole Foods and VivaTerra, base their business practices and products on their own dedication to the environment and to living healthy, socially responsible lifestyles.

I can’t imagine green going anywhere (except up), anytime soon. It’s definitely not the end of this story.


-The End-