Who Knew Abortion Could be so Funny? ‘Obvious Child’ Inspires Cable Show

"Obvious Child" is coming to FX.

I never thought I’d see the day where an “abortion comedy” would inspire a television show. But that day has come thanks to FX and “Obvious Child” creators.

Vanity Fair reports that the FX comedy pilot is considered to be a follow-up to “Obvious Child,” the 2014 abortion rom com. While the series and pilot aren’t about abortion, the show is declaring “follow-up status because it is created by Gillian Robespierre, co-writer and director of ‘Obvious Child,’ and Elisabeth Holm, co-writer of ‘Obvious Child.’ The series also will be co-produced by John Hodges, and will star Jenny Slate, star of the indie film.”

The show’s pilot stars Slate and Ari Garynor and follows the female duo as they take off on a road trip. “FX describes them as a pair of friends and creative partners who discover each other in their 30s and make a movie together. The comedy aims to explore the realities of adult female friendship,” Vanity Fair reports.

According to Vanity Fair, it’s not really surprising that FX has picked up this show, as it’s known for its edgy and smart programming. Also, this series is just another in a growing pool of shows that are headed by smart, funny, and talented women.

And while the show’s pilot has absolutely nothing to do with abortion (as we stated above), that doesn’t matter. As Vanity Fair aptly points out, that in all reality, “Obvious Child” wasn’t either. “Though Slate’s character in ‘Obvious Child‘ went through an abortion, it wasn’t really what the film was about. It was about a frank, funny, female take on modern love and friendship. And isn’t that exactly what we need more of?”

Amen to that.

Will you watch the “Obvious Child” follow-up on FX? Are there any other female-fronted and created shows that you love to watch?

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