You Absolutely Need to Be a Part of AdBusters’ Billion People March on December 19th

Make real climate change and be part of the Billion People March.

While the Paris Climate Talks have ended (and, thankfully, ended relatively successfully), we all know that the conversation about climate change is far from over… Enter AdBusters.

Earlier this year, EcoSalon spoke to AdBuster’s Kalle Lasn about the organization’s Billion People March. (A quick recap: AdBuster’s Billion People March will take place December 19th. The March is meant to hold world leaders accountable for their Paris Climate Talk decision.)

As you know, December 19 is right around the corner, so, we decided to check back in with AdBusters’ Rory Breasail to find out the technicalities of how people all over the world can be part of the monumental March.

Billion People March – World Revolution? from Adbusters Media Foundation on Vimeo.

EcoSalon: How can people organize to be part of the March and its concept?

Rory Breasail: If you’re a member of an environmental NGO, grassroots direct action collective, civil society group, or have a way with making rad media, we want you to get in touch with us! Or if you’re just feeling inspired about our plan for a global climate justice movement, we want you to get involved where you live.

You can host a direct action or a march, produce images with Blackspots or Culture-Jamming acts and put them out on social media with the hashtag #BillionPeopleMarch.

We’re demonstrating our capacity to work together on a worldwide level to challenge the systems that make climate change possible, anything that pushes toward this goal has our support. Just let us know! (To get in contact, go here.)

ES: Where can people go for up-to-date info on the March?

RB: Check in at the March’s site.

ES: What is the day, time, etc. people can plan to gather?

RB: December the 19th, 2015. Essentially one week following the close of the COP21 in Paris we will let world leaders know that the conversation on climate change does not end simply because they declare it so. We’ll be making call outs for other spontaneous subversions in the run up to Dec.19th to build momentum, too.

ES: What other events will the March possibly spur in the future?

RB: One of the aims for the #BillionPeopleMarch is to build appetite and capacity for a series of global big-bang moments aimed at producing systemic change. Both by building our own network of activists, media members, NGO’s etc., as well as inspiring impromptu demonstrations we’re hoping to pull off these kinds of actions on a rolling basis, gaining the numbers, affinity, and experience to produce more and more successful worldwide simultaneous action. Following the #BillionPeopleMarch on Dec.19th, expect future global days of targeted action in the New Year.

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