13 Quirky Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Kitty in kitchen

Kitchen hacks to make the whole domestic thing a lot easier.

If your kitchen’s anything like mine, its myriad of quirks cause drama when you’re trying to cook, clean and entertain. Whether you’re lacking counter space, your cupboards are bursting at the seams, or it’s missing that personal touch, these 13 kitchen hacks will help make your life a little easier (don’t mention it):

1. Store soup cans in empty soda boxes. [ source ]

soup can storage
Image: Then She Made…

2. If you can’t remember how old your eggs are… [ source ]

Bad eggs
Image: Discount Queens

3. Extend the life of your onions with a paper bag, hole punch, and paper clip. (Seriously.) [ source ]

Store onions
Image: The Yummy Life

4. If you don’t like the waste that comes from storing food with plastic wrap and aluminum foil, make your own reusable food wrap using muslin and beeswax. [ source ]

Reusable food wrap
Image: One Good Thing

5. Use coffee filters to keep bugs out of your cocktails. [ source ]

Coffee filters
Image: Buzzfeed

6. Use marshmallows to keep your brown sugar soft. [ source ]

Image: Storage & Glee

7. Low on counter space? Place your cutting board on top of an open drawer to prep your food. [ source ]

Cutting board
Image: Buzzfeed

8. For more storage space under the sink, install a tension rod. [ source ]

Tension rod
Image: Emily Mohundro

9. To clean the gunk around the edges of your faucet: Soak a paper towel in vinegar and wrap it around your faucet. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes and unwrap – voila! [ source ]

Cleaning a faucet
Image: Discount Queens

10. To efficiently read recipes from your tablet, create this tablet stand using a cutting board, scrabble tile holder and doorstop. [ source ]

Cutting board tablet holder
Image: CountryLiving

11. Store an apple with your potatoes to keep them from budding. [ source ]

Potato storage
Image: MyFridgeFood

12. Spices are a disaster to store – until now. Make magnetic spice jars by repurposing baby jars and store your spices on the side of your fridge! [ source ]

Magnetic spice jars
Image: One Lucky Pickle

13. If you find wine glass racks to be a total snore, you’ll love this one – it’s made from a repurposed rake! [ source ]

Repurposed wine glass rack
Image: Make

What are your favorite kitchen hacks?

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