7 Natural Sleep Aids


These days I fall asleep so quickly I don’t even remember shutting my eyes, but back when I was in college, I would toss and turn for hours. Looking back, it’s obvious why. I’d stay up for hours working or chatting on the computer – the perfect makings for a racing mind, tense back, and sleepless night.

Aside from shutting down that computer and giving yourself ample time to stretch and relax, there are plenty of natural sleep aids. It’s important not to become dependent on sleep aids, even natural ones, but to find the root cause for your sleeplessness.

Nevertheless, some sleep aids worth trying are:

Valerian: a mild herb that helps you fall asleep without morning grogginess.

Kava: the ground up Kava root is used by Hawaiians to make a relaxing brew.

Herbal Tea: try chamomile, hops, passionflower or lemon balm.

Diet: cut out caffeine, alcohol, and sugar, especially later in the day.

Melatonin: a natural sleep-inducing hormone, taken in pill form before bedtime.

Aromatherapy: try essential oils of lavender, chamomile or ylang ylang.

Soft Music or Meditation Podcasts: When I listen to a meditation podcast lying down, I’m always asleep before it’s over!

Be sure to research your choice so you prevent possible drug interactions or side effects.

Source: About.com

Image: James Jordan