A Green Mother's Day Present for the Whole Year


Looking for a Mother’s Day present that reflects your dedication to eco-friendliness as well as your heartfelt love and gratitude?

How about the gift of adoption of a living tree?
There are few better Mother’s Day metaphors than that – after all, she was there when we were nothing but frail little shoots…

Through Nudo (Italian for "knot" and the nickname for olive groves), you can choose a field in central Italy in which a tree is picked – literally, giving you an annual supply of cool, green extra virgin olive oil. A sponsor is supporting artisan olive oil production (sometimes a fragile thing), helping preserve small-scale, non-mechanized organic oil-pressing that’s free of pesticides and full of flavour. In the Spring, you receive two litres of oil (harvested from your tree and its neighbours) – in the Autumn, more extra virgin oils invigorated with tangy lemon and spicy chilli.

It’s a gift that keeps reminding – so it’s perfect for making this year’s Mother’s Day a memorable one.

Tree sponsorship is $130 (+ $50 annual world delivery).

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Image: chany14

Mike Sowden

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