A Profitable Loaf


The average American eats 4,376 loaves of bread in her lifetime. (I think I ate that much in high school.)

Here at EcoSalon we like to provide you with eco tips – balanced ideas that push "green" a little further. So, while organic bread is great for the planet, it should be good for you and your community, too.

There’s an easy way to accomplish this triple benefit: buy from the farmers’ market so your carb cravings will help to put bread on a farmer’s table instead of lining Big Agra’s pockets.

Consider this: the average loaf of bread runs about $3 at the grocery store. Over your lifetime, the average farmer will earn $656 from this, or just 15 cents per loaf. But, if you buy your loaf at the farmers’ market instead, your farmer will keep 90 cents of every dollar you spend. Help American farmers, not agricultural conglomerates. It’s good for families, it’s good for the planet, and it’s good for you. Very eco.

Source: The Green Guide Summer 2008

Image: MR+G