Guest Post: BeThree on Cruel Fuel Prices Breaking The Bank? It’s the Perfect Time to Ride A Bike!


Forget fueling up. At over $4 a gallon, gas prices today are forcing us to take to the streets the old fashioned way: By bike or foot. And since some 54% of Americans live less than 5 miles from their jobs, there’s no excuse not to turn this unholy oil-boil into a calorie-burning, enviro-friendly, social fiesta.

Here are four tips from Tim Grahl, founder of

Baby Pedals: Tim cautions new commuters: “Don’t start out trying to be hardcore, riding 40 miles roundtrip five days a week. Instead, try biking one or two days a week, or drive halfway to work and bike the rest.” And it doesn’t have to be work related, says Tim. “Maybe try cycling a mile or two to the grocery before trying longer trips.”

Strength In Numbers: Fact: 12 bikes can be parked in the space required for one automobile. “So, if you’re nervous about riding to work, consider finding someone in your area to ride with you, especially if he/she is an experienced commuter,” advises Tim. “Also, before you do the big commute on a hectic Monday, test out your route on a weekend when traffic will be lighter.”

Primp Post Pedal: Worried your bike commute will muck-up your beauty routine? If your employer doesn’t offer shower facilities, toss some Shady Day cleaning wipes with SPF into Live With Love’s organic cotton Balance Bird Map Messenger Bag.

What To Wear: Check out Zoic who makes stylish duds specifically designed for ladies who bike. Our favorite is their sexy Streetside Damsel Skirt that comes with a removable short liner, so you can bike to work, but still look hot for your lunch date.

Image: tanakawho