Hippie Chic Discovery: Upcycled Throws by Ouno


Have you ever wondered where you may have lived in a past life, or felt that you ended up somewhere almost without your control? That is how I feel about San Francisco.

As a transplant to the Haight/Ashbury District in San Francisco at 22, I felt right at home. I liked to imagine that maybe I had always been here and that I was definitely here during the Summer of Love in 1967. So it’s no surprise that my tastes occasionally verge on hippie-dippie.

With these chic vintage 1960s scarf throws by Ouno Design, I can merge my "free-love" past with my 34-year-old more sophisticated self. I haven’t owned a tapestry in over a decade and wouldn’t dream of wearing a tie-dye again, but these throws satisfy the small corner of my heart that is loyal to my "past life".

Aside from their interesting color schemes, my favorite thing about these bedspreads are that they are "upcycled." Upcycling is the practice of taking older, undesirable or unusable items and creating something new and useful out of them.

Ouno (pronounced "oo-no") does a wonderful job of taking these old, undesirable scarves and creating something fresh and new that would look wonderful in a guest bedroom or in a casual living or play room. Don’t abandon your inner hippie; embrace it with these custom throws!

Image/Inquiries: Ouno Design