How to Capture the Sun in a Jar


When I first stumbled upon this item it took me back to my childhood summer nights in New Jersey, collecting fireflies in a glass jar. My brother and I would watch the yellow green bodies light up and flicker for hours before setting them free. I haven’t seen fireflies in years – at least not in Boston – but the glow of these Sun and Moon jars still jogs memories.

Made from a solar cell, a rechargeable battery, and a low energy LED lamp, the solar cell creates an electrical current that charges the battery over a few hours. The frosted mason jar diffuses the light, giving the glow. A light sensor inside automatically activates the LED to turn on when darkness falls (or you’ve turned your lights out). And an override switch under the lid allows for battery conservation if you’ll be out of town for a few days. As mason jars are water tight, these can be left outside in a garden or taken along on a camping trip. Great for a romantic night, or to ward off the bogeyman in your kid’s room.

For those crafty folks, here’s a guide to make your own Sun and Moon jar.