Should Babies Be Exposed to Plastic Bottles?


While we’re on the topic of milk today, here’s a related issue that deserves serious consideration. With all the recent news about BPA (bisphenol-A, an endocrine disruptor) leeching from plastic bottles and into bottled water, it’s time to look at plastic baby bottles, too.

The most obvious alternative to plastic baby bottles is, of course, glass. But once babies grow up to be toddlers, glass is no longer an option. BornFree is a great source for BPA-free plastic baby bottles and sippy cups, with two 9oz bottles going for $19.99 (and bigger savings if you buy more), giving you a chance to keep your kids healthy right from the start.

While researching this post, I also learned that BPA is found in places we don’t expect – for example, in the resin that lines many cans!

Image: yoshimov