Skip the Organics, Save Money: These Conventional Fruits and Vegetables Are Safe


Yes, organic produce is expensive. I sometimes skimp out and buy conventional. But I don’t’ feel guilty – I just shop smart. Sure, I’d rather support organic agriculture, but realistically I sometimes have to be frugal, too.

According to an Environmental Working Group study, these are the foods that are freest of pesticides. Consider this your cheat sheet for shopping at the “regular” grocery store.

-sweet corn (frozen)
-sweet peas (frozen)
-kiwi fruit

Don’t forget the herbs from your porch, the greens from your garden or the apples from your neighbor’s yard. And just because something has fewer pesticides doesn’t mean it’s truly clean. Almost all corn and corn products, unless explicitly stated otherwise, are genetically modified. Like I said, shop smart! As for the dirtiest foods out there, make sure you go organic.

Image: Krassy Can Do It

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