The Air in There


Is all that under-counter composting creating a "curious" scent in your otherwise lovely abode?

First, get yourself a composting container like Kim’s that neutralizes odor (and looks so lovely you’ll bring it out from under the sink). Next, brush up on Sarah’s tips to keep the air fresh in your home.

And finally, check out my guide to the best nontoxic, organically delicious sprays:

I’ve found a garden of delightful room sprays that enliven the air with safe, natural mists in eco-friendly containers.

AromaSpray with Essential Oils ($5.95) from Universal Aromas is made of distilled water and pure essential oil, and comes in a sleek, recyclable aluminum container with a black atomizer.

Sensatia Botanicals offers delightful herbal blends in its Energizing Room Mist ($15). The aromatherapy line of citrus-spice, rosemary, and lemon oil contains warming and invigorating qualities. I find it eliminates pet odors.

For those needing to spray away bad karma along with stinky trash, Green Feet offers the Zum Mist Room Spray ($9.95). Made from 100% pure essential oils, it works well for closets, gym bags and lockers.

If you have allergies, like I do, be sure to check out all ingredients before picking your room spray flavors. With so many varieties you can find a scent that delights your nose without blocking your passages.

P.S. Kim’s discovered a refreshing linden linen travel spray for those last-minute weekends in musty hotel rooms.

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Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.