The Office File


Beat the drums, baby! Uncork the bubbly, unpack the swatches and samples, assemble that impossible modular book shelf.

I finally moved into my new design office, bidding a fond farewell to my basement/laundry room/kids’ computer den/office. Every woman needs a room of her own and mine is painted a glorious low-VOC Benjamin Moore Puritan Gray and resides far away from the hum of the worn out Maytag dryer. So what if there’s a kooky child’s therapist at the end of the hall whom the other tenants fear? My fabric rolls are no longer scattered about the house and I’m ready to rock…and write!

But first, the paper chase. I had to create new file system and go hunting for good, green paper goods that would not only reflect my designer’s eye but my ongoing greening, which includes my connection to EcoSalon. Many of my old office items were in need of replacement, and here are my delightful eco finds:

First stop was See Jane Work. If you are drawn to amazing papers like me, you will go crazy at this site (the flagship store is located in Thousand Oaks, CA). My favorite picks in the Eco-Friendly Office collection are the clipboards made from painted, recycled wood, featuring a houndstooth covered notepad and pencil on a satin ribbon.


I also chose the Flora Spiral Notebook by artist Sara Blette. These cheerful pads from her New Growth Studio are produced by hand with images inspired by her garden.


Hang on: Coffee break in new office. Oh, how the gray goes so well with my white coffee mug!

At Red Stamp, I found the most chic file folders around, I’m talking the kind with sweet birds or Paris maps or brown veneer motifs, the kind that actually make it pleasant to do the most painful office chore of all: Filing your clutter. They even sell Thomas Paul file folders which are just as delightful as Paul’s cameo pillows and wall art. I think I’ll leave these around just so clients can see how talented I am at selecting folders.


As you can see, I have the paper chase underway. Much of the furniture is gently used, such as the sleek secondhand IKEA desk I picked up for a song. Now, a sofa. Those coffee breaks and naps are murder on a task chair. Let’s take a meeting to talk furniture soon. The office is closed.

Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.