Elvis Is Alive, Well, and Recycled

eco elvis

A dedicated Elvis fan, I’m always happy to learn about new Elvis sightings. But most turn out to be run-of-the-mill Elvis impersonators, determined to mimic his look and his sound.

But there’s nothing ordinary about this Elvis impersonator. Wearing a green jumpsuit and green cape glittering with recycled pop tabs and bottle caps, Eco Elvis is determined to get everyone all shook up about the environment.

Sounds like a gimmick, but Kansas City-based Eco Elvis impersonator is the real deal. A dedicated vegetarian who eats organic and recycles everything, Matt Rigg has been channeling Eco Elvis for almost a decade. During this time, he has injected environmental messages into many of the King’s smash hits. Heartbreak Hotel has been recycled into Compost Hotel, Burning Love into Burning Globe, and Viva Las Vegas into Viva Las Vegans.

Check out his music and even pick up his Burning Globe CD featuring the complete collection of Eco Elvis’s environmentally themed Elvis-style songs at EcoElvis.com.