Register This: Something Upcycled, Something Cool

You could register at Bed, Bath & Beyond like everybody else, but that would be boring.

If you consider yourself more of a hobo bride than a Bridezilla, these registry ideas are dedicated to you. We’ve even included a china pattern and some crystal to appease your mother, and plenty of eco-selections to please the planet.

Night Owl China Pattern

From what we’ve been told, selecting china is a very big deal. As in, Charlotte York Goldenblatt would Pookipsy in her pants all over again if you and your betrothed screwed it up.

This upcycled white bone china plate by Jessica Lennox of Night Owl is eclectic, interesting, gold rimmed and hand-drawn. Her homewares shop gets its name, Night Owl, from the nocturnal hours she spends in her UK studio.

Boy Meets Hearts Poster

Every new household deserves eye candy worth hanging. That’s why we love Eric Telchin’s motifs, which are spontaneously and ingeneously crafted out of unaltered iPhone snapshots of hearts. Hundreds of heart-shaped objects make up each work; his first iPhone snapshot was inspired by a heart-shaped puddle of melted Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge ice cream on his kitchen counter. Soon he was seeing hearts everywhere, in kitty litter and on dogs, just like you did in those heady early days of your courtship.

Now that you’re getting married, get your kicks where you can.

Heirloom bowl from Paloma’s Nest

The commemorative earthenware bowls and custom plates from Paloma’s Nest can make the most hardened singleton crave a husband and baby carriage. The “Milagro Heart” stamp bowl is no exception. “Milagro”, we should mention, means “miracle.”

They’ve been known to happen.

Hand Stamped Customized Spoons

Looking for something old? These vintage silverplate spoons from Trinkets818 have got you covered.

You’ll even have the tarnish and patina to prove that your love, like good silver, is everlasting.

Romanian Crystal

Romania is known for Transylvania, limber gymnasts and mouth blown, hand decorated, lead free crystal. The Dionysus Collection (named for the god of wine and “Inspirer of Ritual Madness and Ectasy”), displays a different type of wine on every glass.

May you imbibe and prosper.

Honeymoon Registry

Ask your married friends if the honeymoon period is all it’s cracked up to be. Instead of registering for traditional gifts, go paperless and shipment free with a personal event registry site like Deposit a Gift, Traveler’s Joy or Send Us Off.

Anything else is just stuff.


Images: Ariela Beal; Fernando Meyer

K. Emily Bond

K. Emily Bond is the Shelter Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in southern Spain, reporting on trends in art, design, sustainable living and lifestyle.