10 Ideas for Sexy Urban Gardens

Haute gardening for boutique parcels of land.

It’s Earth Month, technically. At the risk of sounding like a cliché: for us here at EcoSalon, every month is earth month. To celebrate April and beyond, we’re going to be taking a look at gardens galore this month and next. We’ll be exploring ways in which designers, gardeners and other earth-loving individuals are integrating nature into their homes and communities.

Today, some haute gardening ideas for tiny parcels of land in dense urban environments, where space (and greenery) is at a premium.

If your “acre of land” is actually a wall, try hanging pots, empty jumbo soup cans or a salvaged boom box:

Garden bags are perfect for a room with a view:

The Kikkuu White Planter is perfect for an enclosed patio or porch:

Make your rooftop a thrift-store/flea-market gardening oasis: 

An amazing reuse of pallets:

Street art…

Images: Urban GardensVintage Modern Home; Downsize My Space; Labellum Flowers; Made in Design; Studio G; Life on the Balcony; Dishfunctional Designs; Blog Alice

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