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Laura Klein
Laura Klein is co-founder of Organic Authority, LLC a new media company that publishes & Laura is a trained chef and passionate foodie activist in today’s food revolution movement. She has been writing about sustainable eats and developing recipes since 2005. Laura blogs for the Huffington and has been featured in The Oprah Magazine,, The Huffington Post, CNN, The Food Network, Women’s World, Malibu Times, and is featured in the book Hot, Rich, and Green. Laura leads live cooking demos and has hosted several television shows including Better Living with Laura Klein, The Andrew and Laura Show and The Delicious Kitchen.
John Klein
John Klein is the co-founder of Organic Authority, LLC a new media company that publishes and He is a tech geek, gamer and savvy developer. He’s worked at five tech startups including Internet Brands,,, Tiger Text and more. He is passionate about sustainable healthy living and loves spending time with his two dogs, Bamboo and Truffle and snowboarding the rugged Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the High Sierras of California with his wife.

Jill Ettinger
Senior Editor, Columnist & Director of Social Media
Jill Ettinger is a freelance journalist, editor, and marketing consultant. She is the senior editor and featured columnist on EcoSalon and sister-site Organic Authority. She is the co-director of Eat Drink Better, and editor for NaturallySavvy. Jill has been featured in The Village Voice, MTV, Reality Sandwich, and Global Rhythm, as well as the anthologies “Towards 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age” (Tarcher/Penguin) and “What Do You Believe?” (Outside the Box). Jill spent more than a decade as a sales and marketing manager in the natural foods industry and regularly consults with emerging brands and organizations in creative communication, social media, and marketing strategies. EcoSalon pitches and marketing questions can be sent to For more info, visit
Abbie Stutzer
Contributing Writer
Abbie Stutzer is a writer, editor, and owner of ginchy!, a quirky content company in Lawrence, Kansas. Abbie adores smart sex ed, feminism, horror, wine, eco-living, and sci-fi. She’s doomed to nerdom for life.
Liz Thompson
Contributing Writer
Liz Thompson is an organic beauty expert, copywriter, and mom of two young environmentalists who can already spot a toxic product when they see one. Find Liz on Organic Beauty Source, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.
Emily Monaco
Contributing Writer
Emily Monaco is a native New Yorker living and writing in Paris since 2007. She earned a Master’s degree in 19th century French literature from the Sorbonne and now writes principally about revolution, cheese, and beer, as well as the slow-living attitude of the French. Discover her experiences with Franglais and food on her blog,

 Jamie Duncan Photo

Contributing Writer
After starting out in public relations, Jamie finished college with a BFA in interior design. This combination of writing and design knowledge, coupled with her fashion and lifestyle expertise, has paved the way for an exciting freelance career. Her work has been published in magazines and online, plus she’s managed PR campaigns, and is no stranger to copywriting. Jamie’s a vegetarian and cruelty-free product fanatic. Check out her website to learn more.

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EcoSalon is trusted as an authority voice in the green blogosphere, offering unique, original editorial content including interviews, special features, reviews and news. Articles can be seen frequently on the front pages of social media sites like Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon, and at leading online publications like the Huffington Post, Alternet and Divine Caroline. EcoSalon feeds pop up all over the web, from Alltop to popurls and beyond. We’ve been featured or linked to by many of today’s most popular blogs and sites, including Treehugger, The Daily Green, MNN, Environmental Graffiti, Inhabitat, US News and World Report, The Consumerist, Lifehacker, Dumb Little Man, Neatorama, Dark Roasted Blend, WebUrbanist, Mental Floss, eHow, Apartment Therapy, Kirtsy and many more. EcoSalon is read by an active and engaged audience that is part of a vibrant online community of tastemakers, designers and bloggers passionate about green, wellness, travel, tech, food, fashion and design.



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The Eco in EcoSalon

The “Eco” in EcoSalon

We write about products that are earth-friendly and socially responsible. We believe it’s important to celebrate technological development, innovation and fair trade in addition to eco-friendly materials and green design. We do not accept payment for the products we recommend, although on rare occasions we may publish sponsored articles from brands aligned with our values (and when that happens, we disclose it fully). If you have a story idea or product of merit – or if you’re a designer or artist – feel free to drop us a line.

EcoSalon was launched in 2008 under the editorial direction of Sara Ost, founding Editor-in-Chief and Publisher. 


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