4 Reasons Why Olivia Wilde is Our Latest Green Girl Crush

4 Reasons Why Olivia Wilde is Our Latest Green Girl Crush

Last week, Olivia Wilde made her debut as the face of H&M’s Conscious Exclusive line, and we have one thing to say: Yowza.

For too many, the idea of sustainable or eco-fashion carries connotations of dresses made of burlap bags or seaweed. Actually, hemp and plant-based fabrics can be hot; our latest green girl crush, Olivia Wilde, makes that abundantly clear in the Conscious Exclusive photos recently released by H&M.

We know it’s about more than the fashion, though; girl crushes don’t come that easily. We already know that Olivia Wilde is one of the greener high-profile gals out there (we’ve talked about her vegan lifestyle before), but after doing our research, we see that there’s so much more to love.

4 Reasons Why Olivia Wilde is Our Latest Green Girl Crush

Image: H&M, “Conscious Exclusive 2015

1. About those photos for Conscious Exclusive. 

Sure, we’ll begin with the obvious. I’ve never felt particularly motivated to try on a monochrome kimono-style dress, but I am now. “This is how all fashion should be,” Wilde is quoted as saying in H&M’s official Conscious Exclusive 2015 press release. “Great style that’s naturally more sustainable.”

Image: Conscious Commerce

2. She puts her money where her mouth is.

Talk is cheap. In 2013, Olivia Wilde and c0-founder Barbara Burchfield launched Conscious Commerce: A website that features articles, products and content designed to help us make better day-to-day lifestyle decisions. From a vegan’s guide to Thanksgiving, to eco-friendly gift guides, Conscious Commerce will help us live, as the founders’ welcome letter so astutely puts it, without “being an asshole.”

3. Her tweets are green…and hilarious.

Go home, Kim K. We’re much more interested in reading Olivia Wilde’s hilariously relatable tweets. They aren’t all about the giggles, though; Wilde often tweets about causes she believes in and supports, like her March 19th message about recycling clothing to reduce fabric wastage.

4. For her, it’s more than “green”.

Clearly, we love Olivia Wilde’s public concern for environmental issues, but she truly does seem to epitomize the concerned citizen. In addition to her eco-chic habits, she also serves on the board for Artists for Peace and Justice, an organization that promotes education in vastly underserved parts of Haiti. She makes similar efforts on behalf of accessible education, as she did with a recent tweet directing her followers to a petition in support of a Bedford–Stuyvesant charter school at risk of closing.

Rock on, Olivia.

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