6 Clever Uses for Hair Clippings


Every time you treat your tresses to a new ‘do, you watch your stylist sweep away heaps of hair. But why should your clippings pile up in a landfill when they can be put to good use? There are plenty of ways to reuse trimmed locks, so speak up next time you’re at the salon. Trust me, you won’t be the first person to ask them for a doggie bag.

PhotobucketAdd it to your compost bin. Although it takes awhile to decompose, human hair is rich in nitrogen. Click here to discover other odd things you can toss in to make use of waste.

PhotobucketYou can even skip the composting and spread it around your garden to keep snails, rabbits and raccoons at bay. Plus, it will enrich your soil with nutrients like protein and calcium.

PhotobucketPlanning to trade in your flowing mane for a cute crop? You can donate 10 inches or more to Locks of Love. Just make sure to review the requirements before you chop off your ponytail.

PhotobucketYour feathered friends are always on the lookout for prime nesting materials, so scatter clippings over bushes, on tree branches or in your birdhouse to lend them a helping hand.

PhotobucketIf you like to sew, stuff homemade pincushions with hair instead of cotton filling. Its natural oils will prevent pins and needles from rusting between projects.

PhotobucketDonate your locks to clean up oil spills. Not many salons partake in this practice, so open your stylist’s eyes to the possibilities of reuse.

Image: striatic