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Anna Brones is a food + travel writer with a love for coffee and bikes. Catch her weekly column, Foodie Underground.

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This is Why You Should Buy Whole Coffee Beans: Foodie Underground


Column Are you buying whole coffee beans, or a bunch of filler?

Let’s have a chat about coffee.

Coffee is one of those products that comes from far far away, but it’s one of the non-local items that I have chosen to not remove from my diet. There are other tropical goods I’d rather get rid of first – bananas I can live without for example – and when it comes to eating locally and in season, you have to pick your battles. In the battle of me versus coffee, coffee wins every single …

5 Cocktail Herb Garden Garnishes and Mixed Drink Ingredients You Can Grow Yourself


Why not make sure you have an herb garden that gives you the best cocktails possible?

While a well-mixed cocktail is a good thing, a well-mixed cocktail with homegrown garnish is even better. Which is where your herb garden comes in.

The beauty of cocktail garnishes is that you don’t need a lot of herbs, which means that a mixed drink herb garden can be as simple as a few pots in your kitchen window. Beyond garnishes, you can use your herbs as cocktail ingredients, either muddling them or making easy simple syrups.

Here …

10 Boring Real Foods That Should Be Trendy: Foodie Underground


ColumnForget the trendy foods, we need all the boring real foods back in our lives.

Pro tip: if you want to eat well you do not need to buy all of the trendy health foods at the store. Sparkly probiotic drinks, omega 3-antioxidant infused vegan ice creams, supercharged gluten-free miracle cookies? You need none of it. You need real food. The boring stuff. The stuff that doesn’t have a marketing campaign behind it, or its own blog or Twitter feed.

We’ve come to a day and age where food trends win out …

Bygone Food Trends: What if We Ate Like it Was 1994? Foodie Underground


Column What if we ate like it was 1994?

In a world where we are inundated with food trends (I’m looking at you, cronuts) and a handful of hip diets (the P word) it makes you get nostalgic for a simpler time. In fact don’t we often use the “eat food your grandmother would recognize” line? But what happens when we go back in time? Turns out you have to go back a long time before things get simple again.

I decided to go back 20 years to see what Foodie Underground would …

The No-Diet Diet Plan: Foodie Underground


ColumnWhat does my diet plan consist of? Nothing, it’s not really a plan at all.

We’ve discussed diets before on Foodie Underground, but we’re going to do it again. Because it’s a conversation that’s worth having more than once.

A while back, a friend asked me, “Are you ‘gluten-free’ or just ‘good bread only’?”

I loved that question. I am for the most part gluten-free, but as my friend assumed correctly, if there’s good bread, made with good ingredients, I’ll eat a little of it. Call it the “no crappy flour” diet if you …

Is Organic Food Better? Foodie Underground


ColumnWhen we think of organic food, we have to think about more than our personal health. Is organic food better for us? 

I remember a couple of years ago scrolling through my Facebook feed after the latest study on whether or not organic food provided more health benefits than conventionally grown produce, and reading a comment that a friend had written, “I now feel completely vindicated for NOT buying organic foods.”

That line has stuck with me. I think about it often.

Recently there was more fuel to add to that fire, in the form …

Antibiotic Resistance and the Industrial Meat Industry: Foodie Underground


ColumnDealing with antibiotic resistance starts with thinking about what’s on your plate.

I was watching a PSA this week, all about antibiotics. It got me thinking: why aren’t we more pissed off about the problem of antibiotic resistance? Or moved to change our actions that are part of causing it?

Imagine you have an infection . . .

. . . that your child has an infection.

Nothin’ major a few days of antibiotics should clear it up, right?


Well-known antibiotics are proving to be less

Sugar Addiction and Nutrition Labels: Foodie Underground


ColumnWould a revamped nutrition label help us deal with our sugar addiction?

When you grab a food product off the shelf, do you look at the nutrition label?

Chances are you do, but statistically more people look at the general nutrition facts than they do the ingredients. Our misunderstanding of nutrition makes it so that we’ll be tempted by something that has zero calories, zero fat, zero anything, and we’ll forget about what the thing was actually made with. A food product might have a bunch of zeros in it, but if you …