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Spring, a Season for Good Food: Foodie Underground

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ColumnIs there anything better than all the good food that spring brings us?

Spring represents many things. The end of winter. A time of rebirth. A countdown to summer.

For me, it’s a celebration of good food. Certainly, there is good food to be had all year around, but there is something extra special about spring.

Now is the time when the root vegetables are replaced by more exciting ingredients; a time when every week that you go to the market, a new vegetable that you had almost forgotten about pops up. It’s …

Overdone Food Recipes We Really Could Live Without: Foodie Underground


ColumnAren’t some food recipes simply overdone?

I love recipes. I love looking at cookbooks. I even write recipes. The internet abounds with recipes, which should make someone like me thrilled. But as time goes on, I have decided one thing: there are few internet food recipes that I like.

A handful are good, but I find myself doing more eye rolling than exclamations of “I want to make that!”

Cooking should be fun. Instinctual even. A recipe should be solid, not trendy. After all, we don’t need more food porn, we need more

22 Inspirational Quotes About Courage to Conquer Fear and Pursue the Unknown


Inspirational quotes to overcome fear, take a leap of faith and and pursue courageousness. 

Whether we’re starting a new job, prepping for a difficult conversation or just in need of an extra push to get us out of our comfort zone, we all need a little extra courage. No matter what you’re doing, here are 22 inspirational quotes to motivate you and inspire your courageous side.

1. I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, …

21 Radish Recipes for Spring


Tasty and fun seasonal radish recipes–are you ready to try them/

As we come out of winter it’s a refreshing sight to see new produce at the market. While root vegetables have probably made up the core of your cold-weather diet, there’s one root vegetable that’s just now coming back: radishes! The root vegetable with a kick, radishes are good on their own, dipped in a little butter or olive oil and doused in salt, or they can make for a colorful salad base. If you’re in search of radish recipes for …

Can Chipotle Change the World of Fast Food Restaurants? Foodie Underground


ColumnIn the world of fast food restaurants Chipotle has high aspirations, but will it really change the system?

I finally got around to watching the first episode of “Farmed and Dangerous” recently.

Can You Drink Boxed Wine and Still Feel Classy?

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Is the image of boxed wine changing?

When you hear the words “boxed wine,” what comes to mind? While just a few years ago your brain may have immediately gone to Franzia (and the college-sized hangovers that came with it) the image of wine in a box in the U.S. has begun to grow up. Nowadays, its easier to get good wine in a box, which raises the question: is the American image of boxed wine about to change?

Jordan Salcito, the beverage director at NYC’s much talked about restaurant Momofuku, wrote …

5 Good Reasons More of Us Probably Should Be Working from Home


Should more of us be working from home? Probably.

For those of us who don’t work at home, the chance to email in your pajamas may seem tempting, but as anyone working from home will tell you, that’s not what it’s all about. In fact, many people, whether in their pajamas or not, find that working at home makes them more productive. There are of course obstacles – like that pile of dishes you feel like you should get to – but ultimately, there are many benefits to working from home, and …

Your Addiction With Coffee Pods Is Destructive, Expensive and Lame: Foodie Underground


ColumnAre you seriously making your morning joe with single-brew coffee pods?

How do you drink your morning coffee?

A couple of years ago answers were about the same. It was either, filter, French press, drip, stove top espresso, or for the really committed, a true espresso machine. But then another player hit the market: coffee pods.

These individual plastic cups contained enough ground coffee to make one cup, and you needed a special machine to make it. An expensive special machine. And every time you would want to make coffee, you would have to …