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With Thanksgiving Food Traditions, It’s Not the Food That Counts: Foodie Underground


Column Don’t want to serve classic Thanksgiving food? That’s just fine.

Since it’s Thanksgiving week, I figured we’d tackle the topic of Thanksgiving food.

For the latter part of November, all food media, be it print, web, radio or television, turns into a “Hey You, Don’t Forget It’s Thanksgiving” feeding frenzy. Feature articles and episodes are devoted to recipes, tips and tricks that will help you ensure that this Thanksgiving is the Official Best Thanksgiving Ever.

Feel that pressure rising?

This will be the second year in a row that I’m not in the US …

Food Should Taste Good, So Why Do Looks Trump Quality? Foodie Underground


Column Food should taste good, shouldn’t it? So why don’t we buy the good stuff?

Peruse your average grocery store and take a look at the fruits and vegetables. Everything is perfectly sized and colored. The apples are bright red and green, the potatoes all similarly oblong and the heads of lettuce without a trace of dirt or defect.

Bite into one of these products though and chances are they’ll be bland. The perfect example of course is your average out of season tomato versus an heirloom variety at the end of summer. Bright …

Farmers Markets, Food, Placemaking and Smarter, Stronger Communities: Foodie Underground


Column Spend your money at farmers market and the money stays in the community. Spend it at the big box grocery store and it goes elsewhere.

After a lot of road trips in many different places, I have come to a conclusion. When you drive through the countryside and come across a small town, one of two things happens:

1. You think to yourself, “ugh, this place is full of box stores and has no feeling at all. Get me out of here!” You proceed to drive to the next destination on your …

5 Food Subscription Boxes That are Far From Boring


Food subscription boxes you’ll want to take a bite out of. 

If you like discovering new foods, there’s no shortage of options, especially when you get those new foods delivered straight to your door. But this isn’t just about getting tasty food without having to leave the house, it’s about supporting cool food businesses and having fun in the process. Maybe even discovering a new favorite food you never knew existed.

Trust me, this isn’t your average Wine of the Month Club.

1. Hot Sauce

Love to smother everything you eat in hot sauce? Then you need …

Good Food Isn’t Perfect: Foodie Underground


Column Good food doesn’t have to be perfect, just real.

When it comes to food, what is perfection?

Is it a perfectly formed pie, free of burnt spots because the crust wasn’t rolled out evenly? Is it a plate covered with the ideal ratio of starches to proteins? Is it an apple free from blemishes?

Whatever “perfection” is when it comes to food, in today’s society, we’re obsessed with it.

With headlines like “Can Science Perfect Food?” we’re often on the search for the things that will make our food better. We want to control all …

Bad Fashion Won’t Kill You But Bad Food Will: Foodie Underground


ColumnEating well isn’t about consuming the trendiest of health foods. It’s simply about cutting all the bad food out.

There are a lot of parallels that we can draw between food and fashion, and in a world where more and more people are conscious about where there food comes from, why not expand that to where their clothes come from as well?

I read an article this week knocking Vivienne Westwood down for comments she had made both about eating and dressing ethically. “Clothes should cost more – they are so subsidized,” …

10 Haikus About Real Food: Foodie Underground


ColumnThe beauty of real food boiled down into simple words.

Eat real food, and eat well.

Usually Foodie Underground is a lengthy column about some version of the six words above. Sometimes I feel that every week I am just trying to find a new and creative way to say the exact same thing: eat real food. One week it can be an argument for buying dirty vegetables, another a dive into the world of direct trade coffee. But ultimately, the message remains the same. And when you write the same message all …

9 Must-Read Books About Food that Aren’t Cookbooks: Foodie Underground


Column You don’t need another cookbook. You need a book about food. Yes, there’s a difference.

In the last year, I bet you have bought at least one cookbook. But how many books about food have you read? Cookbooks are inspirational, but books about food are informative. Certainly there are cookbooks and general food books that fall somewhere in the middle, but I happen to love food-themed writing that doesn’t come with recipes.

Be it political, investigative or simply a beautiful travel narrative about a tasty meal, here are 9 different books that any …