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Is Organic Food Better? Foodie Underground


ColumnWhen we think of organic food, we have to think about more than our personal health. Is organic food better for us? 

I remember a couple of years ago scrolling through my Facebook feed after the latest study on whether or not organic food provided more health benefits than conventionally grown produce, and reading a comment that a friend had written, “I now feel completely vindicated for NOT buying organic foods.”

That line has stuck with me. I think about it often.

Recently there was more fuel to add to that fire, in the form …

Antibiotic Resistance and the Industrial Meat Industry: Foodie Underground


ColumnDealing with antibiotic resistance starts with thinking about what’s on your plate.

I was watching a PSA this week, all about antibiotics. It got me thinking: why aren’t we more pissed off about the problem of antibiotic resistance? Or moved to change our actions that are part of causing it?

Imagine you have an infection . . .

. . . that your child has an infection.

Nothin’ major a few days of antibiotics should clear it up, right?


Well-known antibiotics are proving to be less

Sugar Addiction and Nutrition Labels: Foodie Underground


ColumnWould a revamped nutrition label help us deal with our sugar addiction?

When you grab a food product off the shelf, do you look at the nutrition label?

Chances are you do, but statistically more people look at the general nutrition facts than they do the ingredients. Our misunderstanding of nutrition makes it so that we’ll be tempted by something that has zero calories, zero fat, zero anything, and we’ll forget about what the thing was actually made with. A food product might have a bunch of zeros in it, but if you …

7 Edible Flowers with Tasty Health Benefits


Edible flowers aren’t just beautiful… they’re good for you too.

Add edible flowers to a meal and not only will you add a little color, but you’ll throw in some extra health benefits as well. Many edible flowers are full of valuable nutrients. Think of edible flowers as you would spices; they add taste to a meal but they’re also good for your health.

If you’re looking for flowers that are beautiful, tasty and nutritious, here are a few to choose from. Remember that just like with any wild plant, be sure you …

9 Homemade Cocktail Mixers Worthy of all Your Summer Drink Recipes


Explore these homemade cocktail mixers for drink recipes that are perfect for summer celebrating.

If you’re planning to spend July 4th with a celebratory cocktail in your hand, forget going to the store to buy some cheap, sugary cranberry juice. No, for a good party you’re going to need something a little classier. Homemade cocktail mixers, perhaps? These nine homemade cocktail mixers and drink recipes will all add a little pep to your Fourth of July celebrating–or any other summertime fun you have planned.

1. Make: Ginger Ale

Drink: Ginger Ale with Bourbon

What’s more American …

Organic? Natural? The Confusion of Reading Food Labels: Foodie Underground


ColumnAre you confused by reading food labels? You are not alone.

In a sea of choices, reading food labels can be the thing that help to guide us in the right direction. Leading busy lives, we don’t always have the time to do all the research on everything we buy, so we look for certain indicators to help us get what we want. Some go for “organic” some go for “non-GMO.” Ultimately food labels should help us to know what we’re buying. Unfortunately, they don’t always serve that purpose.

According to a recent …

Açaí Berries, Goji Berries and Beyond: Can We Stop Talking About ‘Superfoods’? Foodie Underground


ColumnAçaí berries, goji berries, maca powder… seems like everyone is superfoods obsessed these days.


If you’ve walked into any health food store, coop or upscale market in the last few years, you know exactly what I am talking about. Hell, you don’t even need to have done any of the above. The marketing of superfoods is so out of control you can find them just about anywhere.

There’s actually no concrete definition of superfoods, and no regulation of the word’s use, which means it can really be slapped on just about anything. In everyday …

Coffee Rust Means Coffee Beans are Screwed, Thanks Climate Change


Coffee beans are having a rough go in Central America, on account of a fungus called “Coffee Rust” that’s fueled by climate change. 

If you drank a cup of coffee this morning, you’re not alone. Globally, we drink 1.6 billion cups of coffee a day. Coffee is the second most sought after commodity in the world, beat out only by oil. To say coffee is a big industry would be an understatement.

But most of us rarely think about where our coffee comes from. Sure, we may choose one roaster over another, but beyond …