Lustables: WeWood Watches

WeWood turns out time pieces we all want to ditch our cell phones for.

A question posed to me many times regarding watches and fashion: “Do people still wear watches when they have cell phones to tell the time?” I’m sure the watch industry has had a slight decline but people love the look of a solid time piece. They’re tough, sexy and yes, they even help you tell time.

These watches by WeWood are perfect for the fashion blogger or the avid outdoorsman or woman, “emerging out of Italy as an emblem of eco-luxury and design.” With an avant-garde approach to sophisticated sustainability, the brand recycles industrial wood scraps, to create a watch that itself is a statement, beyond fashion.

Plus, for every WeWood watch sold, the company plants a tree which we like to hear about, perhaps even more than the constant tick of time.


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