Sitting Room Only: 10 Best Eco Sectionals

There were simply too many tushes and not enough tuffets at my 9-year-old daughter’s book group brunch on Sunday. After scurrying to locate every extra bench and chair I could squeeze into the living room I wished I had one of those massive sectionals that are ideal for entertaining big groups. It made me wonder what’s out there for all of those green tushes? Here are the sectionals I dovetailed for you:

Box Sectional from Elka Home

-It doesn’t have legs but the design by Ekla Home a green company founded by Emily Kroll, is suitable for spreading out. Made of 100% organic cotton fabric and sustainable materials, it ranges in price from $1950 to $2150 depending on fabric selections.

Thomas Eco-Style Sofa from Club Furniture
-I love the clean lines of this sectional from Club Furniture with legs modern legs available in two color options and two choices for neutral green fabric. It’s under $1000 too! Recliners can be used to hold a couple of loungers or by one royal family member for watching the plasma.

The Delaney and The Miramar by Crate and Barrel
-- Both modern and clean, these two-piece sectional designs from Crate and Barrel are around $2,000 and make a stunning statement while providing extra seating and togetherness. I really love the scale of the green Miramar and the tufted rectangular pillows.

The Kristina Sectional from Ekla Home
-I might not opt fo the citrus fabric but I do like the platform and profile of this massive (up to 13 feet long) two-piece sectional from Ekla Home. It’s pricey because it is  upholstered in 100% organic wool and one of the larger sectionals out there ($8400 to $9500) but you will find investing in a good sofa is well worth the money.

Annex Chaise from CB2
It’s a combo of chairs, chaises, seats and since it is modular, you can play with the formation of the plush Annex from CB2 which comes in soft black or moss and sells for $650…quite a steal.

Milan Sectional from Lofgrens

Not your typical green sofa, huh? This sleek design from Lofgrens constructed of recycled fibers, springs and components gives you stand-alone sections that work well together or apart. Available in green fabrics or leather, $2200, with matching ottoman for kick-up-legs comfort.


The Calais Sectional D from Lofgrens

No fighting over who gets the recliner with this sectional from Lofgrens, which is deep and comfortable with low-maintenance fabric, $3,000. The cushions are reversible which I find useful with children who enjoy refreshments while watching mindless television.

The Huntley Woods 4-Piece Sectional from Crate and Barrel
This is another oversize option for under $5,000 from Crate and Barrel, made with eco-friendly construction, hardwood legs and comfy chenille, it will serve your needs.
-The Hawthorne Sectional from Eco Terric
Adopting the Shabby Chic take on leisure, this sectional sofa with endless pillows and reclaimed wooden legs is available in either upholstered or slipcovered designs. Eco-Terric also styles matching compents such as a love seat and chair.

Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.