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Charlotta Ward is an artist; you can see it in the way she finesses the words and images on her blog as though she is delicately finessing the last details of an intricate painting. Everything at Space for Inspiration is thoughtful and gorgeous with a layer of spontaneity that always excites my palate. Brace yourself to meet a design blog that knows no restrictions of style and the only inhibition is stunning aesthetic, whether served modern, Scandinavian, industrial, mid-century, etc. You will discover homes with pallid palettes lounging next to vivid bohemian interiors. Variety is the spice of life and the secret of Space for Inspiration.

I have set up a delicious little five course meal to tease your senses. Each morsel comes garnished with a link leading to the full entrée (tour) with a side dish of Charlotta’s words (and sources) at Space for Inspiration. Bon appetit!

The scintillating amuse-bouche (above) is a taste of a Barcelona home, “fused together with the cliff it is built on.”

The next course includes a plate of leafy greens from Spain.


This tropical hotel, “tucked away in the lush and authentic Bahian fishing village of Trancoso, Brazil,” will cleanse your palate (and refresh your soul).


A converted farmhouse from South Africa will serve as the main attraction, simple in color and texture – but complex in effect. (Don’t miss the gorgeous, “guest room in the converted barn,” with a gable headboard that will romance you!)


For dessert, a rich three-part sequence of Swedish bliss, architectural structure from a Swedish ski resort and a living room in Stockholm trimmed with a vibrant taste of Denmark.


You can pop over and thank Charlotta Ward for designing such a beautiful menu. By the way, Mrs. Ward really is an artist (on many levels) who creates whimsical paintings for wee ones.

(All images and quotations from Space For Inspiration.)

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2 thoughts on “Space for Inspiration

  1. What a wonderful post…heading straight over to check it out the “space for inspiration”!! Thanks for sharing~

  2. how brilliant are you to have found charlotta ward. this wonderful wife, mom, daughter, artist, blogger, friend, etc. has a knack for finding and sharing inspiration galore. but the finishing touch is charlotta’s way with words, her writing style is equally at the top of the inspiration board


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