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50 Pickup Lines for Foodies that Will Make You LOL

Column”Once the rainy seasons comes, we should forage together.” Pink cupcakes and heart shaped pancakes. Cringe. What is it about Valentine’s Day that makes people think it’s appropriate to put jewelry inside of baked goods colored with Red #40? As much I was trying to boycott writing a Valentine’s Day related Foodie […]

Foodie Underground: In Search of French Kale

ColumnWhere can I find ‘le kale’? There are certain staples in the Foodie Underground diet: coffee, quinoa, sea salt, red wine, cardamom, kale. In fact, we all have staples; the essentials that we depend on, the stuff that we’ll never dream of being without. The ingredients that wake you up […]

Foodie Underground: The World of Cookbook Porn

ColumnHas the seduction of cookbooks made us forget how to actually cook? In a bookstore last week, I headed for the cookbook aisle. It’s often a place of cheap inspiration; you don’t have to buy a new cookbook to get new ideas. I love cookbooks. The pages, the words, the […]

10 Boring Real Foods That Should Be Trendy: Foodie Underground

Forget the trendy foods, we need all the boring real foods back in our lives. Pro tip: if you want to eat well you do not need to buy all of the trendy health foods at the store. Sparkly probiotic drinks, omega 3-antioxidant infused vegan ice creams, supercharged gluten-free miracle […]

Foodie Underground: Can Music Make Your Food Better?

ColumnThe wonderful world of pairing your culinary experience with a musical one. In my world, there’s nothing better than a night in the kitchen, a glass of wine in hand and St. Germain playing at full blast. Music is to cooking like coffee is to a Monday morning; it injects […]

Foodie Underground: Coming Together for Lunch

Although many of us love good food, we don’t always take the time to honor it. As a society we’re pressed for time, and instead of sitting down to a fresh prepared meal in good company, we often opt for the quick and processed foods which we can eat on […]

Foodie Underground: 101 Summer Bucket List Items for Foodies

ColumnThe official Foodie Underground summer bucket list guide to your favorite season. So you checked off last year’s list of food-related summer bucket list? Good. Now here are 100 more things (plus an extra one, because 101 is just more fun) to keep you busy all summer long. 1. Learn […]

Foodie Underground: 10 Ways to Improve Your Food Porn Skills

Column10 ways to make sure your food porn skills are up to par. “Ooh, take one of this!” exclaims my mother while rearranging the various plates on the table. Luckily for me, she has yet to get annoyed with my slightly crazy obsession with taking food photos. In fact, if […]

Foodie Underground: 20 Terms for the Foodie Vocabulary

ColumnYour guide to translating avant garde foodie menus. Known for my tendency (obsession), with pronouncing words in a French accent, most of my friends refuse to order on their own if we’re anywhere near a place serving croissants or tarte au citron. Even outside a French themed restaurant or cafe, […]

Foodie Underground: Pop Up Cuisine

For foodies, the last year has seen an enormous rise in the street food trend, bringing quick, authentic and diverse food to the masses. For fashionistas, it’s been pop-up shops, taking advantage of unused retail space and allowing for unique shopping experiences that can focus on more local and sustainable […]

Foodie Underground: Why Care What’s In Your Shopping Cart?

ColumnChoosing simplicity in what we eat. Last week, I wrote an article about what ingredients may or may not be regulars in your shopping cart. You know, beetle shells and all that. As often happens on the internet, it did illicit quite a few comments, many of them defensive. I had worded […]

Foodie Underground: The Beauty of a Post Workout Meal

ColumnCan I have a side of fries with that run? “Can we get burgers and beer?” These are words that rarely come out of my mouth. Burgers and beer are a far stretch from kale smoothies and quinoa after all. But burgers – real burgers – are good. Especially when […]

Foodie Underground on Tour: Telluride, Colorado

ColumnFoodie Underground checks out what’s hot in Telluride, Colorado. Welcome to a new feature of Foodie Undergound: Foodie Underground on Tour. Being a Portland resident, I’m constantly in the organic/raw/food truck bubble. But writing about home gets old quickly, and if you’re a food lover, you know that one of […]

Foodie Underground: Bing’s New Portland Food Cart Finder

Food carts. If you’re not up to speed on the latest trend in food movements you’ve been living in a cave; a very dark one. Food carts are everywhere, and they’re bringing rise to some of the coolest in local, sustainable creations by some of the most up and coming […]

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Where Do Our Types of Flour Come From? Foodie Underground

In a locavore diet, where your types of flour come from is just as important as your produce. Today, people are focused more than ever on the origin of their foods. Maybe you subscribe to a CSA, maybe you try to shop at a weekly farmers market, maybe you have started […]

What’s So Wrong With Food Porn? Foodie Underground

Is food porn helping or hurting us? Look around you. There’s food everywhere. Glamorized food. Sexy food. Food that makes you drool. Food that speaks to some primal, internal part of you. There’s food on the Internet, on the television, there’s probably a photo of a perfectly cooked dish of […]

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