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Foodie Underground: The Replacements

I rarely regret voicing my opinion, but in the time since what I deemed an enlightened cupcake rant went to press, my father has taken it upon himself to send me every possible card, photo, and present that relates to the still-trendy dessert. Case in point: on a recent visit, […]

Foodie Underground: Celebrating Tradition

The past month has been a whirlwind, and I’m sure I’m not alone. The holidays have a knack for making a full month seem like only a week. But somehow we all find the time to cram in parties, celebrations and festive attire. Staying far away from any commercial establishments, […]

Foodie Underground: Big on Bacon

Bacon is oh so hot right now, and if you’ve missed the bacon trend you may have been living in a cave. There’s bacon chocolate, bacon vodka, baconnaise. Restaurants are experimenting with a variety of bacon wrapped delectables; if you’re feeling edgy try bacon wrapped asparagus from Bacon Underground. But […]

Foodie Underground: And the Underground Winner Is…

ColumnCongratulations to our winning Foodie Underground entry by Johanna Kindvall! Last week, in celebration of Foodie Underground‘s one-year anniversary, we asked for your own foodie submissions. We received many interesting, creative recipes, photos and artwork. As I wrote last week, writing this column has been an exploration of how food […]

Foodie Underground: Fresh Cheese 101

ColumnTurns out, making your own cheese is easier than you can imagine. Before you start reading the rest of this column, maybe I should clarify what kind of foodie I am. Yes, I like to cook. Yes, I like to throw dinner parties. Yes, I spend a large part of […]

Foodie Underground: American Food Fetishes Abroad

ColumnWhy is it that America is only known for hamburgers and hot dogs when we have a burgeoning foodie culture? A surprising discovery when I lived in France was L’Americain. In the land of gourmet cheeses and perfected baguettes, food is more than something that you just consume for nourishment; […]

Why You Should Not Diet in 2014: Foodie Underground

ColumnSkip the diet and go for the lifestyle change. Resolution this, resolution that. As we come closer to 2014 everyone is abuzz with good intentions, and that’s all well and good, but here is one thing you should not do in 2014: diet. Seriously, don’t do it. We’re diet obsessed, […]

Foodie Underground: The Beauty in Simplicity

ColumnHave we lost our ability to do – and appreciate – the beauty of the simple things in life? I had walked by the socca stand once before. All the way in the back of Paris’ popular Marché des Enfants Rouge, full of various food stands and markets, there was […]

Foodie Underground: Celebrate Food Day, Every Day

ColumnToday is Food Day so get your forks and knives out and start partying. Despite the fact that I often roll my eyes at days, weeks and months that are dedicated to celebrating or building awareness for specific things – did you know it was recently National Chocolate Cupcake Day? […]

Foodie Underground: Cupcakes Are So Last Year

In a post-holiday food coma, which had included six days straight of pickled herring, you would think that I would be turned off by the mere idea of food. Never. As I sat on my couch with a minimalist breakfast of tea and oatmeal this weekend, my ears perked up […]

Sugar Addiction and Nutrition Labels: Foodie Underground

Would a revamped nutrition label help us deal with our sugar addiction? When you grab a food product off the shelf, do you look at the nutrition label? Chances are you do, but statistically more people look at the general nutrition facts than they do the ingredients. Our misunderstanding of […]

Foodie Underground: When Food Equals Love

ColumnInternet dating for the food loving crowd. It was the usual, Friday afternoon internet surf: half an hour spent scouring blogs, trying to track down some new recipes. As I scrolled down the Eater page a banner ad on the right side caught my attention – impressive, given my usual […]

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Where Do Our Types of Flour Come From? Foodie Underground

In a locavore diet, where your types of flour come from is just as important as your produce. Today, people are focused more than ever on the origin of their foods. Maybe you subscribe to a CSA, maybe you try to shop at a weekly farmers market, maybe you have started […]

What’s So Wrong With Food Porn? Foodie Underground

Is food porn helping or hurting us? Look around you. There’s food everywhere. Glamorized food. Sexy food. Food that makes you drool. Food that speaks to some primal, internal part of you. There’s food on the Internet, on the television, there’s probably a photo of a perfectly cooked dish of […]

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