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Foodie Underground: You Can Ferment That

ColumnAn interview with a professional fermenter and how to make your own sauerkraut. You’ve been making your own kombucha for months (ok, years) and pickling is old news to you, but have you taken your fermented food obsession to the next level? Grabbed a slot at the local market and […]

Foodie Underground: Trentasize It

Creeping ever closer to the McDonald’s model, Starbucks has poured it on with the new Trenta serving size. Do we need another supersize product that tempts our taste buds and throws rationality out the door? Of course not. No one should be drinking 31 ounces of double, mocha, frappy, whatever. But we […]

Why You Should Not Diet in 2014: Foodie Underground

ColumnSkip the diet and go for the lifestyle change. Resolution this, resolution that. As we come closer to 2014 everyone is abuzz with good intentions, and that’s all well and good, but here is one thing you should not do in 2014: diet. Seriously, don’t do it. We’re diet obsessed, […]

Foodie Underground: The Wide and Wonderful World of Oysters

ColumnA book about oysters teaches the real meaning of farm-to-table. A month ago, a good friend put a copy of Shucked into my hands and said, “You have to read this.” I looked at the cover. A watercolor painting of an oyster and a fork paired with the title of […]

10 Haikus About Real Food: Foodie Underground

The beauty of real food boiled down into simple words. Eat real food, and eat well. Usually Foodie Underground is a lengthy column about some version of the six words above. Sometimes I feel that every week I am just trying to find a new and creative way to say […]

Comfort Food: Does Eating Make You Feel Good? Foodie Underground

Comfort food might not have the effect you think it does. It’s fall, which means it’s the season of comfort food. While in summer months you can happily get away with a tomato and cucumber salad, there’s something about the colder months that kicks your body into “I want something […]

Foodie Underground: Put an Egg On It

ColumnBreakfast is in. Any foodie-wise restaurant knows to wrap hors d’oeuvres, entrees and even the table rolls in bacon, but lately, eggs have been showing up to the dinner table at every opportunity. On pizzas, astride mashed potatoes, in ramen: This is much more than the classic Caesar salad preparation […]

Is Organic Food Better? Foodie Underground

When we think of organic food, we have to think about more than our personal health. Is organic food better for us?  I remember a couple of years ago scrolling through my Facebook feed after the latest study on whether or not organic food provided more health benefits than conventionally grown […]

Foodie Underground: Why Care What’s In Your Shopping Cart?

ColumnChoosing simplicity in what we eat. Last week, I wrote an article about what ingredients may or may not be regulars in your shopping cart. You know, beetle shells and all that. As often happens on the internet, it did illicit quite a few comments, many of them defensive. I had worded […]

Foodie Underground: Fresh Cheese 101

ColumnTurns out, making your own cheese is easier than you can imagine. Before you start reading the rest of this column, maybe I should clarify what kind of foodie I am. Yes, I like to cook. Yes, I like to throw dinner parties. Yes, I spend a large part of […]

The 11 Ingredients That Make Healthy Meals More Fun: Foodie Underground

ColumnIngredients in the Foodie Underground pantry that inspire fun, healthy meals. Delicious, healthy meals don’t have to be complicated. In fact, some of the best eating is just simple food done well. I hate the word “foodie” for this exact reason. It’s a word dripping of elitism and snobbishness, more […]

Are We Superficial About the Food We Eat? Foodie Underground

Is food marketing making us superficial when it comes to buying and eating food? “You really realize how superficial people are.” That quote was from a Senegalese chef who is trying to get more people eating fonio, a grain from West Africa. He’s profiled in a piece in the Guardian looking […]

Foodie Underground: The Beauty of a Post Workout Meal

ColumnCan I have a side of fries with that run? “Can we get burgers and beer?” These are words that rarely come out of my mouth. Burgers and beer are a far stretch from kale smoothies and quinoa after all. But burgers – real burgers – are good. Especially when […]

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Where Do Our Types of Flour Come From? Foodie Underground

In a locavore diet, where your types of flour come from is just as important as your produce. Today, people are focused more than ever on the origin of their foods. Maybe you subscribe to a CSA, maybe you try to shop at a weekly farmers market, maybe you have started […]

What’s So Wrong With Food Porn? Foodie Underground

Is food porn helping or hurting us? Look around you. There’s food everywhere. Glamorized food. Sexy food. Food that makes you drool. Food that speaks to some primal, internal part of you. There’s food on the Internet, on the television, there’s probably a photo of a perfectly cooked dish of […]

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