5 Best Online Organic Florists: Just in Time for Mother’s Day


She loves you. She loves you not. She loves you. She loves you not. She loves you!

Of course she does. She’s your mother.

This Mother’s Day, you’re likely to send mom a fresh bouquet of fragrant flowers to show her how much you love her back. But before you head to just any online florist, consider purchasing your florals from a certified organic source.

Unlike most conventional options, organic florists have strict environmental standards that prohibit the use of harmful pesticides and exploitative harvesting practices. By choosing an organic bouquet, you’re helping to improve the quality of farm working conditions, protecting delicate ecosystems, and conserving floral biodiversity. What’s more, most organic bouquets are no more expensive than non-organic varieties and tend to last longer, too.

Below you’ll find a round-up of five of our favorite online organic florists, along with reasons why you should “pick” them.

Florist: Organic Bouquet

Why you should pick this one:

Organic Bouquet is committed to sustainability – from the farms where they source their flowers all the way down to their gift packaging – which is made from recycled remnants from a textile factory in India. They participate in carbon offset programs and only conduct business with farms that employ safe and just working conditions. They even have an eco-points program so you can earn rewards toward free products and services.

Florist: Diamond Organics

Why you should pick this one:

Diamond Organics distributes flowers sourced exclusively from sustainable farms in California and Hawaii. In addition to seasonal and organic florals, Diamond Organics offers gift baskets that include organic cheese and wine for the total package. Oh, and they offer free overnight delivery.

Florist: California Organic Flowers

Why you should pick this one:

Based in Chico, California, California Organic Flowers is a small family-run farm that promises flowers direct from their fields to you. They enrich their soil using natural methods that conserve water and promote ecosystems of healthy insects, including lady bugs and green lace wings. Their website features an organic flower calendar which helps you determine the freshest type of flowers that are currently available.

Florist: Oregon Floral Farms

Why you should pick this one:

With a strong commitment to sustainable farming methods and a dedication to local education programs, Oregon Floral Farms is a responsible flower grower with a conscience. Their USDA/TILTH certified farm features a revolving selection of vibrant flowers that are hand-cut, hand-tied and delivered direct to you.

Florist: Kendall Farms

Why you should pick this one:

Kendall Farms is a USDA organic farm in southern California that offers over 115 varieties of VeriFlora certified flowers. Because they own their own water wells, irrigation is less expensive and the savings trickle down to you. They organize their floral selection online according to color, season and flower type so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Image: Kendall Farms