10 Aphrodisiacs to Use in Your Home-Cooked Valentine’s Day Meal


Need a little extra boost this Valentine’s Day? Add these aphrodisiac foods to your menu.

There are many ways to bring more lift to the love and the libido this Valentine’s Day. One creative way to do it is by cooking a Valentine’s Day feast for your loved one, only not just any meal; instead, one that not only tastes good but also boosts sexual drive. By the time dessert arrives, you’ll be ready to take it to the bedroom. These ten natural aphrodisiacs bring more flavor and fun to a home-cooked Valentine’s Day meal. Try your hand at the suggested recipes and incorporate sex drive into each bite.


1. Tomatoes

Also known as the “love apple,” the tomato deserves aphrodisiac status for several reasons. Its color and tender flesh alone are reasons enough to deem the tomato sexy, but consuming tomatoes is also known to improve sexual performance as well as calm pre-sex nerves, which can be beneficial for new couples who are getting intimate for the first time. The tomato also improves muscle control.


Spiced Tomato-Potato Gratin

Grilled Tomato Salsa

Chickpea, Tomato, and Egg Salad

2. Garlic

Garlic breath is  a classic turn off, but did you know that eating garlic may turn you on? Greeks and Egyptians have lauded garlic as an aphrodisiac. Other groups forbade the consumption of garlic prior to entering sacred places, as it was believed to incite passion. Modern science explains that garlic is effective in improving blood circulation and thus able to better let blood flow to the groin.


3. Avocados

Beginning in 200 B.C., the Mayans and Aztecs ate the avocado to increase their sexual desirability. It’s packed with fiber, antioxidants, healthy fats and vitamins A and E, making it good not only for you body but also for your skin and complexion. Because of its so-called “sex vitamin” — vitamin E — content, the avocado is also used to treat erectile dysfunction. The avocado is also high in folic acid, which helps to metabolize proteins and provide more energy. Additionally, it features vitamin B6, which improves male hormone production, and potassium, which regulates women’s thyroid gland.


Healthy Banana Bread with Avocado

Vegan Avocado Alfredo Sauce

Baked Egg in Avocado with Parsley and Goat Cheese

4. Carrots

In Ancient Greece, carrots were used as an aphrodisiac. The Arabs were known to consume carrots boiled in milk in order to boost their sex drive. Carrots  are rich in vitamins A and E, and when those two antioxidants combine, they positively affect sex hormones. Carrots are also effective in preventing weariness so you retain bedroom stamina.


Baked Carrot Chips


5. Chocolate

The Aztecs were the first to draw a parallel between cocoa beans and sexual desire. Today, scientists accredit chocolate’s aphrodisiac qualities to its tryptophan and phenylethylamine content. Tryptophan  incites sexual arousal by helping to produce serotonin. Phenylethylamine is a chemical released in the brain when people fall in love.


Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Vegan Chocolate Mousse with Sea Salt

6. Arugula

Originally from the Mediterranean region, arugula has been used throughout time as a natural aphrodisiac that contributes to sexual arousal. The Romans even consecrated the green to the god of fertility, Priapus. Science can back up ancient claims. Arugula is packed with antioxidants, which contribute to the health of your reproductive organs and increase libido.


Potato and Kale Soup with Parsley-Arugula Pesto


7. Asparagus

Aside from its phallic shape, asparagus offers more than its form. The vegetable is high in vitamin E, which incites sex hormones and lifts the libido. Asparagus also gets things moving down under by stimulating the urinary tract.


Asparagus & Leek Soup

Tabasco & Asparagus Quinoa

8. Truffles

The truffle takes the prize as having the reputation as the world’s greatest natural aphrodisiac, and as far back as ancient Greek and Roman times. Be it the allure of the truffle’s rarity or its unique flavor, it surely has mastered the libido. The scent of truffles is very similar to male pheromones and their amino acid and protein content ensure greater energy in the bedroom.


9. Red Wine

According to a study conducted in Florence, Italy, women who drank one to two glasses of wine per day exhibited a greater sex drive and sexual performance than those who drank less than one glass or more than two. The reason for this can be tied to the fact that red wine is high in antioxidants, and when enjoyed in moderation, can help you to unwind, relax, and increase your sexual appetite. Be sure to pick the right organic wine.

10. Ginger

Ginger not only has a refreshing aroma but also contributes to the health of the circulatory system, making the erogenous zones particularly sensitive and more easily aroused.

Kale and Ginger Green Smoothie

Honey, Ginger Sparkling Lemonade with Rosemary

Photo Credit: ButterflySha, St0rmz, Muffet, Tim Sackton, WoodleyWonderworks, Ira Gelb