10 Best Plants for Xeriscaping


Raise your hand if you a) lack a green thumb, b) care about the environment, c) care about your environment or, d) all of the above. Congratulations! You’re the perfect candidate for xeriscaping.

As a desert dweller, I know firsthand that this eco-friendly method of gardening conserves water, requires minimal upkeep, significantly reduces your water bills and yields stunning greenery and flowers. But, you don’t have to live in an arid region to get into this low maintenance style of gardening. To get you started, here’s a list of the best plants for xeriscaping.


Equipped to survive even the driest climates, succulents can retain water and survive dry spells (and forgetful gardeners). Plus, there are hundreds of varieties to choose from.



This fragrant flowering plant is popular among amateur gardeners and can grow in a variety of soils.



More commonly known as air plants, tillandsias don’t even need soil to grow. Instead of receiving sustenance through the roots, their leaves absorb essential nutrients and water.

Fairy Duster


Due to a slow growth rate, these drought-resistant shrubs rarely need to be pruned.

Purple Sage


This low-maintenance perennial releases a sweet aroma when its beautiful buds bloom.



Able to flourish in poor soil with little water, these plants produce flowers in an assortment of brilliant colors like red, white, yellow and pink.

Red Bird of Paradise


This flowering shrub thrives in warm shades of red, yellow and orange when exposed to ample sunlight.



Since this vining shrub grows rapidly, it’s best used as a ground cover or hanging plant.

California Poppy


The state’s official flower, the California poppy is self-seeding and nyctinastic.



Bougainvilleas flower from season to season in vibrant hues like orange, yellow, pink, red, purple and white.

Images: Anika Malone, ILoveButter, eutima, cliff1066, ClatieK, Bill & Mavis, James Gagen, bbjee, jalalspages, The County Clerk