10 DIY Cocktail Syrups for Delicious Summer Drinking

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Enjoy these easy to make DIY cocktail syrups. 

Warm afternoons and sparkling drinks; is there anything better than a summer cocktail? Well, maybe drinking a summer cocktail barefoot.

The trick of summer cocktails is, of course, a good syrup. Fortunately, simple syrup is exactly that: simple. Here are 10 DIY cocktail syrups that are sure to help with your cocktail making skills.

1. Basil Simple Syrup

Last summer I got obsessed with this blackberry basil drink. All you need is basil, blackberries a little sparkling water and the liquor of your choice. You can also use the syrup for a Meyer Lemon Martini or in a vodka gimlet.

2. Ginger Syrup

Ginger syrup is one of those cocktail syrups that anyone wanting to improve their basic bartending skills should always have on hand. You can keep things simple and do a whiskey ginger, or be extra creative and make a Kale Ginger Daiquiri. You can even use it for a delicious non-alcoholic homemade ginger ale.

3. Grenadine

Made from a base of pomegranate, grenadine is used in a variety of cocktails, from Planter’s Punch to Tequila Sunrise. Best to make a double batch.

4. Creme de Cassis

Love kir royales? They sound fancy, but if you master your own creme de cassis you can easily make them all summer long. The classic French liqueur is made from black currants, and if you’re ready to do some berry mashing, can be easily made at home.

5. Mint syrup

Hopefully you’re fortunate to have a mint plant in your home garden, and if you do, you may be wondering what to do with all those leaves. Mint syrup is your answer. Use it for any drink that calls for mint and sugar, like mojitos.

6. Vanilla Bean Syrup

Vanilla might not be your first choice for a cocktail syrup, but its smooth flavor pairs well with orange, raspberry and strawberries. Hello spiked summer fruit smoothies. You can also try this recipe for a Bourbon Rouge.

simple syrups

7. Rosemary Syrup

I find rosemary to be a nice addition to citrusy drinks, making rosemary syrup perfect for an adult version of lemonade.

8. Lavender Simple Syrup

Lavender isn’t as commonly used as rosemary, but it should be. A lavender simple syrup can be used in everything from lemonade to a French 75 to a Tom Collins.

9. Spicy Simple Syrup

A simple syrup infused with a hot habanero or jalapeno will give a kick to any drink. Use in anything with tequila.

10. Coffee Syrup

Just likes spices, coffee will certainly add an additional jolt to your drink. A strong coffee syrup, or even a homemade coffee bitter, can be used in a whiskey drink or with vodka for a coffee martini.

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