10 Eco- Chic New Year’s Eve Decorations and Party Ideas

Eco-Friendly New Year’s Eve Decorations & Party Ideas

If you’re a conscientious party planner, then we’ve got some simple and swanky New Year’s Eve decorations and party ideas that can be carried out from the comfort of your home – and you don’t have to skip the alcohol or noise makers. 

With a minimal amount of elbow grease and some creativity, you’ll have a fun bash for you and your closest friends while making a smaller impact on the planet. Besides, what better way to welcome a new chapter than with a start that’s good for the planet and better for your body?!


Eco-Friendly New Year’s Eve Decorations & Party Ideas

Unless your circle of friends still communicates like teenagers in the after school parking lot of a high school, then you’re probably gonna have to send out some sort of invitations to get your pals to your place. Plus it’s nice to establish a theme, create a dress code, and know how many to expect via the RSVP system.

1. Electronic invites – To eliminate paper altogether, choose Evites (online electronic invitations) to entice your guests to attend your party. Hint: alcohol and food are great incentives. Also a great incentive? A cute, customized invitation that didn’t cost you a dime. Check out Evites Bew Year’s invites here.

2. Recycled paper – If you insist on a tangible invitation, then consider printing at home on 100 percent recycled paper. Not a whiz on Photoshop? No problem. Support a small business and buy a customizable invitation template like the one pictured above from a vendor on Etsy. You can find that one, and whole bunch more right here.


Eco-Friendly New Year’s Eve Decorations & Party Ideas

3. Bio plates – Wasara biodegradable plates and cups are made from bamboo and bagasse pulp. These are the ones to choose for a swankier gathering where you really want to make an impact with the sculptural and minimalist appearance of this disposable, yet dapper, dinnerware.

4. Palm leaf plates – For a more laid-back organic appearance with a strong focus on functionality and flair, check out the stylish and also biodegradable VerTerra palm leaf and water comprised disposable dinnerware. They’re durable, versatile, and can be placed in the microwave and dishwasher.

Both brands mentioned above and more dinnerware ideas can be found here.

Food & Drink

Eco-Friendly New Year’s Eve Decorations & Party Ideas

5. Local food – Hit up your local farmers markets when shopping for ingredients to make your food. A variety of tiny bites, like tapas and appetizer sized fare are great for guests to grab and go mingle without feeling like they have to talk with their mouths full.

6. Organic booz – Serve cocktails made from organic wines, like the certified variety here, and organic vodkas, like the Square One brand that recently made Oprah’s favorite things list. Make your drinks using organic mixers where possible and garnish with pomegranate arils, cane sugar rims, and a few of those candy canes still dangling from your tree’s branches.


Eco-Friendly New Year’s Eve Decorations & Party Ideas

7. Photo decor – Make a fun photo backdrop for your guests by “wrapping” a section of your wall using leftover (neutral) holiday wrapping paper and remnants. Use the cream, kraft, or black chalkboard paper as your base and then use the metallic papers, silver and gold, to create big polka dots or stripes to adhere to the base paper. Throw in some homemade cardboard props, silly glasses, wigs, or that feather boa you’ve kept stashed away from prom night 2003, and you’ll have a camera phone full of memories.

8. Functional favors – When the clock strikes midnight, a lot of people are thinking about planting a kiss on the lips of that special someone. So why not help a sister (or brother) out by aiding in the smoochability of their smackers? One idea would be to offer guests lip balm as party favors. Give the original Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm to the fellas and the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer to the ladies. Wrap the plastic encasement between the lid and the base with some black sparkly washi tape for cohesiveness with a gold and black New Year’s Eve theme.

9. DIY decor – Whip up your own New Year’s Eve decorations in the form of confetti poppers with this simple and festive tutorial here. You can make these with stuff you might already have around the house, except for the cracker snaps. Otherwise it calls for crepe or tissue paper, toilet paper rolls (start saving), confetti (make this from scraps), ribbon, adhesive dots, scissors and cracker snaps.

Champagne Toast

Eco-Friendly New Year’s Eve Decorations & Party Ideas

10. Organic champagne – Sticking with New Year’s Eve traditions, most people would agree that it’s just not the same without a champagne toast at midnight. Fortunately, the options have broadened and you can now snag a bottle from one of the most widely known bubbly making companies, Korbel. Just because it’s made from organic grapes, don’t let the label fool you – the champagne will still go straight to your head. Garnish with rock candy stirrers, cotton candy, or fresh fruit like berries with a sugar rim.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our take on eco-friendly New Year’s Eve decorations and party ideas for ringing in 2016. Let us know your resolutions on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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