10 Emotional Stages of Finding Out Your Guy Has An Ashley Madison Account

10 Emotional Stages of Finding Out Your Guy Has An Ashley Madison Account

What if you found out your guy’s been man whoring it up on Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison, the super classy site for married cheaters—tagline “Life Is Short. Have An Affair”—was recently hacked. (I know, heartbreaking, right?) The company’s data is being held hostage by a group of hackers who call themselves “The Impact Team.” They’re demanding the company take down the site or they’ll out the 37 million adulterers who’ve used it—which I’m assuming has left said cheaters in a state of shitting-their-pants terror.

It’s certainly one of the most intriguing hacks in recent history; a hybrid of identity fraud and steamy, TMZ-worthy dirt. As for the 37 million cheated-on spouses, if their sig-o’s data were to end up leaked—we’re talking nude photos, sexual fantasies, the whole nine—how might that play out exactly?

Here, the 10 (potential) emotional stages of finding out the hubs is pimping himself out on Ashley Madison:

1. When he starts being suspiciously nice to you, at first you get all…

excited gif

2. But then you get all…

suspicious gif

3. You secretly keep up with news of the hack more than you keep up with the Kardashians.

penny gif

4. When news hits that he is, in fact, a member of Ashley Madison…

shock gif

5. “But maybe it’s just someone who looks like him. With the same name. And address.”

kardashian gif

6. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry about the fact that his nude photos are seriously Photoshopped.

laugh gif

7. That thing where he lists sexual fantasies you didn’t even know existed.

confused gif

8. You start searching for old boyfriends, past flings, and basically everyone you’ve ever met with a penis to even the score.

testing gif

9. You’re at a crossroads in your relationship where only you can decide what’s best for you. Cue background pianist.

clueless gif

10. But first: Pawn his guilt gifts or burn them? Decisions, decisions.

thinking gif

Times this emotional reaction by 37 million, and you’ve got pure anarchy.

explosion gif

How do you feel about the Ashley Madison hack?

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