10 Finalists Are Off & Designing For The DIY With IOU Competition

Column10 finalists compete to have their design produced in The IOU Project’s “Made in NYC” Capsule Collection.

The DIY with IOU Sustainable Design Competition recently announced their 10 finalists in the race to have their fashionable creation produced as part of The IOU Project‘s inaugural “Made in NYC” Capsule Collection. Known for their transparent approach about their supply chain, The IOU Project’s products are traceable so purchasers of their fashionable frocks can find out how their garment was produced, where it was made, and who was part of the creation process. Organized in collaboration with Source4Style, the finalists are now in pattern+sample mode, constructing their final entries, which can be either a garment or accessory. For a look at the varying aesthetics these designers harbor, a look from each finalist is showcased below.

Tara St. James

Swati Argade

Lara Miller

Emily Saunders

Minna K

Lisa Linhardt

Francisca Pineda 

Marina Davis

Carrie Parry

Aga Smiechowska

Get Your Madras On

With a variation of The IOU Project‘s statement handwoven madras fabric in hand, each innovative and mindful designer is currently in their zone, on their way to present the final pieces by the end of the month. The fashion designer behind The IOU Project, Kavita Parmar, began the story’s label with handwoven madras fabric from Chennai (which was previously known as Madras). According to Source4Style’s Summer Rayne Oakes, “Kavita met with each and every artisan that The IOU Project currently works with to understand their needs – and to share in the beauty of their craft. The iconic material has such a rich history and an incredibly powerful story; it’s meaningful to share in that with other designers.”

Entrant Jessica Hosoi’s sketches; Oakes tells EcoSalon, “I enjoyed the designers who took the time to submit sketches of products… it showed that they put in thought and effort.”

The IOU Project’s madras will be available on the Source4Style platform after the winner is announced, so any designer will have the option to join in the checked fun. The winning design will be selected on March 29th, and not only will be produced as part of The IOU Project’s “Made in NYC” Capsule Collection, but the standout designer will receive 50% of the profits and have the chance to showcase their piece at a trunk show at ABC Carpet & Home, and sell it on www.TheIOUProject.com and Fab.com.

For Oakes, this competition is all about portraying to the inner and outer sustainable design community that, “there is much joy and reward that comes in valuing the process of making a garment as well as the people along the way.”

Kestrel Jenkins

Kestrel Lee Jenkins currently resides in New York City where she writes a weekly column covering the sustainable fashion world.