10 Green Things You Can Do with Your iPhone


Now that you know all about the Top 10 Green iPhone Apps, here are some creative ways to be eco-friendly with your iPhone.

PhotobucketInstead of writing down your grocery list and wasting paper, record a voice memo.

PhotobucketLook up directions to a vegan restaurant and treat one of your pals to her first taste of tofu.

PhotobucketShoot a short how-to video of an eco-friendly project and post it on the web.

PhotobucketTake a photo of Mother Nature’s handiwork and share it with your family.

PhotobucketE-mail these 10 Simple Steps to Sustainability to your friends.

PhotobucketUse the compass to navigate on a hike.

PhotobucketCheck the weekly weather forecast and pick a sunny day to clean up litter at your local park.

PhotobucketUse the calculator to determine your carbon footprint.

Photobucket Find a farmers market near you by searching Local Harvest online.

Photobucket Call your friends and tell them about EcoSalon, of course!

Image: Yutaka Tsutano