10 Green and Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Revamp Your Favorite Room

10 Green and Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Try This Weekend

If you think it will cost a small fortune and the next two years of your life to remodel your kitchen – think again! Listed below we have several green and cheap kitchen remodel ideas that you can accomplish in a weekend.

So grab your paintbrush, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get to it!

1. Hardware Hijinks

With a little creativity and elbow grease, new hardware can be affordable and eco-friendly. For a quaint country look, try using bent spoons and forks from grandma’s old silverware collection to make some unique drawer and door pulls. If you’re into an industrial vintage look, then scour some local thrift shops for old faucet parts to create your very own cabinet knobs in a variety of colors. If you’re really tight on cash and you like the overall shape of your current knobs, then simply repaint the ones you have. Lightly sand each piece and then brush on your favorite VOC free paint – just remember to apply a clear coat.

2. Throw Rug Round-Up

Brighten up your space for a few bucks by picking up some new throw rugs in natural materials. If you’re feeling super crafty, then try making your own rag rug using the tutorial found here, or purchase plain sisal rugs and paint on a cool pattern.

3. Countertop Cure

If you’d prefer to purchase new, then look into Marmoleum for your next countertop. They aren’t as durable as natural stone, but are insanely affordable at around $3 a square foot. This eco-friendly composite top is comprised of linseed oil, wood flour, natural pigments, tree rosins, and limestone. It is also 100 percent non-toxic and doesn’t off-gas hazardous chemicals. If your laminate countertops are in otherwise good condition, then you can always opt to paint them with a low-VOC coating.

4. Savvy Storage Solutions

This is a great opportunity to repurpose what you already have, or use some upcycled materials to create some unique storage solutions. Try peg board and hooks in the kitchen for a cool storage and display wall for your pots and utensils. Use old dresser drawers or crates as wall-mounted shelves in which to store dishes, décor, spices, or other necessities. Add some cup hooks to the bottom to hang mugs, utensils, or pots and pans.

5. Re-Coated Cabinets

Thanks to the creation and accessibility of healthier, more durable paint, it is now possible to repaint your wood cabinets without having to spend an arm and a leg on major renovations. Try using the Advance line from Benjamin Moore. It’s considered low-VOC even after adding pigments and boasts a durable finish designed for repainting cabinets in kitchens and baths. Brush on the paint for a more rustic look, or rent an HVLP paint sprayer for a smooth factory finish.

6. Embellished Backsplash

If you’re not confident in your tile laying skills, then opt for backsplashes that can be created with eco-friendly paint. Try stenciling on a painted backsplash. Once dry, it will be easier to clean than tile and cheaper, too. Another fun alternative would be chalkboard paint – plus it doubles as a place to jot down reminders and your grocery list. For those of you who are a little handier in the do-it-yourself department, then a bottle cap, wine cork, or decoupage backsplash is always an option.

7. Incorporate an Island

If you have room for a kitchen island, or could use some extra modular countertop or storage space, then consider hitting up the thrift stores for a dresser or night stand that could double as a functional island. With a fresh coat of eco-friendly paint and a set of locking casters, you could have a new, affordable island in an afternoon’s time.

8. Lighten Up

Under cabinet lighting is all about the ambiance and can create instant appeal in nearly any kitchen. With the Pro Series 21 LED lighting kit, you can pop these under your cabinets and plug them in to the nearest outlet (usually this is a concealed outlet near the uppermost part of your cabinet – you may need a step ladder in order to investigate). For around $150 this lighting option is not only affordable, but it’s better for the environment, too. The low energy consumption and 10 year LED lifespan will ensure you are able to enjoy these for a very long time.

9. Curtain Capers

Dress up your windows with a repurposed set of curtains. Café rods and curtain clips are usually perfectly sized for the smaller windows most commonly found in kitchens, and you don’t need to have grommet holes or loops because the clips will grip nearly any fabric. Check your closet or second hand store because old scarves make beautiful and unique sheer curtains for tiny windows. If you’re fresh out of scarves, then try shortening a flat bed sheet, table cloth, or shower curtain instead.

10. Accentuate the Positive

If your cooking space needs a pick-me-up, then one of the simplest cheap kitchen remodel solutions is to refresh the walls. Go bold with a single hued accent wall, or stencil on a geometric pattern for more interest. Not ready for the commitment that paint can sometimes bring? Try a gallery wall of your favorite family photos, collection of plates, or hand-painted canvases.

Now that you’ve read our cheap kitchen remodel ideas, we are dying to know what you think! Share your thoughts and your DIY project photos on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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