10 Green Design Sites We Love

With all the bookmarking, link-swapping and RSS-scanning we do around EcoSalon HQ, we discover (and drool over) a bevy of wonderful design sites daily. Here are 10 of our favorite design sites – check them out, and tell us some of your faves. Your other faves beside us, that is.

Sustainable Is Good


This design blog gets high marks from us for focusing on not just green products and packaging, but “the whole lifestyle associated with being sustainable in the home.” It certainly does more than pay lip-service to eco-friendly living – Sustainable Is Good purchases 100% renewable energy uses only green energy to power its site.



If you’re looking for offbeat design and lifestyle news (eco-friendly cigarettes, anyone?), you’ll find this at Ecoki. From nature-inspired decorating themes to how a 71-story tower in China can possibly be the most energy-efficient building in the world, this site digs up fascinating nuggets of info that will interest just about anyone.



Backed by the same company that produces the Discovery Channel and Planet Green, TreeHugger is the go-to site for the latest in design and architecture. They’ll keep you in the know about all the emerging trends in eco-friendly design, like this wicked-cool clip-on plant room for apartment buildings (uh, you step out there first).



What’s not to love about this amazing design site that blends whimsy and charm with a touch of class? Bloggers here seem to have a knack for finding original home decorating eye candy that’s still eco-friendly with a nod to sustainability in addition to syndicating smart, savvy tips from around the green web.

Planet Green


Also backed by Discovery, the bloggers at Planet Green love to explore ways to inject natural and sustainable themes into ordinary homes and dorm rooms!). You’ll find timely tips on decorating on a budget, ideas for celebrating National Garden Month, and even what to do with those awful packing peanuts companies like to use.

Whole Living


The best part about this site’s green living section is how approachable it is for people just learning to navigate the waters of sustainable living. If you’re looking to start small and incorporate little changes one at a time, Whole Living teaches you neat things like how to make your own natural cleaners or where to find the best eco-sneakers.



This site’s for the big dreamers who want to check out the future of innovative design. It covers everything from where to find upscale, eco-friendly hotels to the concept designs of some of the leading architects in field. Add Inhabitat to your daily reads to stay on top of the latest and greatest in good, green design.



There’s so much to love about this site, it’s hard to know where to start. You’ve got green building, furniture, DIY projects, fashion, and more, all wrapped up in one green little package. You’ll find all kinds of cool stuff here, including a wooden henhouse that’s nicer than our first apartment. Pay particular attention to the “Recycled” category for nifty finds like adorable handbags made from recycled plastic to catch-all baskets made from old rubber tires.

Righteous (re)Style


Here’s a design site with so much information it practically jumps from the screen. You won’t be able to look away from amazing finds like tin can wall coverings and vintage furniture you’ll adore. In fact, if you don’t come away from a visit to Righteous (re)Stylewith an overwhelming urge to redo a room, you’re not really trying.

Erika Richmond Green Roof Design


Not everyone is able accommodate a lawn or vegetable garden on the roof, but this is a terrific site to visit if you want to live vicariously through the people who can. You’ll also get fantastic ideas on how to grow flora and fauna in odd and unusual places. If a restaurant in Mexico City can grow a huge wall of greenery, surely you can glean some info on growing organic tomatoes in a window box.

There are so many fantastic design sites out there, we couldn’t possibly get them all in one post. Check back for more soon!