10 Infographics on Alcohol

Raise your glass.

As this year’s election approaches, EcoSalon would like to make two points in the sitting president’s favor: Mr. Obama is married to a prominent locavore, and he’s interested in craft brewing, even to the extent of traveling on the campaign trail with White House ales on the bus. Alcohol consumption hasn’t been a point of legislative contention since the start of the twentieth century. Nevertheless, here’s some data with which to toast the candidates.

Beer: You’re in the Clear: 14 things that you probably didn’t know about beer consumption.

Prohibition Did What?!: Prohibition had a huge effect on American alcohol consumption.

The Remedy: Hangover cures from all over the globe.

Alcohol vs. Marijuana: Alcohol is still a lot more popular than marijuana.

Pick Your Poison: Wine and beer are almost equally popular.

What Are Green Wines?: Are taste and sustainability mutually exclusive when it comes to wine?

The Very Many Varieties of Beer: Distinguish your milds from your browns from your lambics.

Visualizing Alcohol Use: Who imbibes the most?

Beer Saved the World: As a species, we’d be nowhere without beer.

Classic Cocktails: Recipes for all the classic cocktails, if you can divine them through the madness of this infographic.

Image: lindsey gee.