10 Infographics on Pet Ownership

We heart pets.

For most families, Labor Day weekend involves travel. And many of us will have have to wrestle with the eternal question: Do we take Reggie to the lake, or drop him off at the kennel? 62% of U.S. households own a pet. These 10 infographics might not help you make a more informed decision, but they will remind you to give someone a scratch and a treat this weekend.

The First Dogs and Their Presidents: The Obamas’ Bo is in illustrious company.

Are Pets Good for your Health?: Owning a dog can help you stay fit, even if walks do cut into your downtime.

Deadliest Animals in the United States: A deer would make a terrible pet.

Aquarium Facts and Figures: Aquariums bring a corner of the oceans, right into your living room.

How Animals See the World: Dogs and cats might not be able to see color, but they are extremely sensitive to movement.

Foods Never to Feed Your Dog: For a species that has been living off our scraps for millennia, dogs have some unexpected intolerances.

Pampered Pets: Even as the economy tanks, we still find ways to indulge our beloved companions.

Moving with Pets: Don’t let an upcoming move force you to leave Buttercup in the shelter.

Best and Worst Pets for Apartment Living: Tarantulas are an underrated pet.

Social Networking & Man’s Best Friend: Dog owners are profoundly weird.

Image: magnetisch.