10 Infographics on Spending and Saving

Putting together last-minute travel plans? Find some last-minute pennies first.

As July winds to a close, it’s time to finalize the details of your late-summer travel plans. Don’t have any? These 10 infographics on where your dollars go should help you to find some extra cash here and there for a plane ticket — or maybe just a few books to help fuel your imagination.

5 Strange Signs the Economy is Improving: Men are buying new underwear with their extra cash.

Health-Care Spending vs. Health: Instead of spending on more and more expensive medical services, we should be eating better and exercising more.

The United States of Broke: A history of American debt.

Top 12 Fastest Growing Occupations: Consider taking up a career in biomedical engineering.

Credit Cards Go Social: Watch out! Credit card companies ramping up their social media strategies.

New Grad’s Guide to Spending and Saving: Some basics for the newest members of the work force.

Wasting Time and Money: Surfing the Internet sucks up more time than you might have thought.

Where Does the Money Go?: Housing takes up the most of the average consumer’s income.

A Shopper’s High: Does it really exist?

2012: Assuming the Mayans were Right: You have an emergency fund. Do you have an end of the world bucket list fund?

Image: _J_D_R