10 Infographics on the Cosmos

There are a lot of mysteries out there.

Journalists and designers developed the infographic as a way to interpret vast amounts of data. And what has a vaster amount of data than the final frontier? That’s right—NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory recently started JPL Infographics, where space nerds and graphic design wizards can take NASA data and create their own illustrations. Take a look at these ten infographics and brainstorm a few ideas of your own.

Are We Alone in the Universe?: A list of possibly habitable planets.

NASA’s Space Shuttle: The United States shuttle program has been shut down, but its manned spacecraft is still a technological marvel.

The Moon 1990-Future: A catalog of the various countries that have landed on Earth’s only natural satellite.

Space Invaders: Do you believe in aliens? A surprising number of people do.

Space Race: How far away from the planet have we gotten?

Big Brothers: We’ve managed to litter even the vast blankness of our skies.

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Space: It’s a myth that the Great Wall of China is the only man-made object you can see from space. What other facts have you missed?

50 Years of Space Exploration: Where we’ve been, where we should go.

Funding the Final Frontier: Bravery isn’t the only currency that the space program recognizes.

Women in Space: Sally Ride isn’t the only woman to crack the glass ceiling.

Image: Sweetie187.