10 New Year’s Resolution Tips for Your Eco-Chic Closet

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Step into 2014 with a fabulous, fresh and eco-chic closet!

Does your wardrobe need an update or a bit of pizzazz for the New Year? We’ll we’ve got some advice for you – this year’s resolution can start in your very own closet, and turn into one of the most enjoyable, creative and chic New Year’s commitments you’ve ever made. Read through our 10 fantastic and simple tips to turn your closet into an eco-friendly fashion phenomenon.

1. Get ready to sift through it all
First things first, which means you’ll have to actually know what’s in your closet before you can deal with it. We recommend setting aside a free day or evening dedicated to closet cleaning, and gathering some boxes for anything you are planning on taking to the local thrift store or charity shop.

2. Take it all out
This means taking everything (and yes, we mean EVERYTHING) out of your closet. Make sure you have enough room in your room to do this, cleaning up and putting things away before gutting out your closet.

3. Organize all your clothes into sections
Organize your clothes in away that makes sense to you, but doesn’t get too complicated. Place t-shirts in one place, pants in another, dresses in another, and so on. If you’re really into organizing, you can even color code your clothes, but do what works best for you to save time in the mornings and keep clutter at bay.

4. Use the 20/80 rule
This means that you’ll have to evaluate which clothes and accessories you actually wear, and the ones that spend most, if not all, of their time in your closet. The average American wears about 10 to 20 percent of their clothing, so do yourself a favor and set aside anything that you only wear 20 to 0 percent of time for the boxes.

5. Arrange a clothes swap with friends
Your unused or discarded clothes might be  treasures for your best friends, and you may find the perfect party dress or office shirt in their thrift store box,  so set up a swapping party. Make it a girl’s night with some tunes, drinks and delicious snacks!

6.  Upcycle!
Maybe you just can’t part with that favorite, old tee or pair of jeans that you never wear because they’re so worn out. Refashion them into a stylish new addition to your wardrobe with one of the several online upcycling tutorials, or play around with your own designs to come up with something completely unique.

7. Learn how to make do and mend
In our consumption oriented, throw-away culture, fixing our torn or holey garments isn’t a pastime many aspire to. But learning how to sew a tear or patch a hole can be so rewarding, and well worth the effort to repair your favorite sweater or pretty dress. You’ll probably save some money too!

8. Blend simplicity with great accessories
Basics like black trousers, simple tees, A-line dresses and sweaters are fantastic staples for your closet, since they can be dressed up or down with quirky, decorative or bold jewelry, scarves, belts and cover ups.

9. Go for the eco-chic alternative

Is there an essential garment of accessory you need to top off your 2014 look, or maybe your missing some basics for layering? Skip the Zara’s and H&M’s and choose an eco-chic alternative that’s good for you, the planet and the people that made it.

10. Learn how to make your own
This is probably the coolest New Year’s resolution you could make for your closet, and a very eco-friendly and rewarding one. The best thing about making your own clothes is that no one else will have one like it, and you can make it fit your body perfectly.

Image: Mr. X

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