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As many of you know, here at EcoSalon, we often emphasize the point that sustainable travel is not just about carbon offsets and packing lighter. Sustainable travel is about conscious travel, and thinking about your next adventure with a holistic approach; everything from where you go and who you stay with, to what tour operators you use and how you get around town. Ultimately, sustainable travel is also about making sure that as travelers we’re doing our best to ensure that the places we want to explore stick around for other people to enjoy them as well, and that means traveling in a manner that’s environmentally, humanly and culturally conscious.

There are a lot of great resources out there on sustainable travel and eco tourism to help guide you in your quest to be a more conscious traveler, with everything from general travel guides to specific listings of sustainable destinations. We’ve rounded up our favorite top 10.

1. Sustainable Travel International – This is the eco traveler’s go-to resource for all things related to sustainable travel. They run an excellent and informative blog that keeps you up to speed on the latest developments in the eco tourism world, and their Eco Directory lets you search travel and tourism providers that have been vetted for their commitment to sustainable practices.

2. Matador – The world’s largest independent magazine, Matador offers a wealth of information to those looking to travel off the beaten path. The articles here are succinct, savvy and are all focused on travel that benefits both the traveler and the local communities. Check out Matador Change which boasts a variety of green travel tips as well as voluntourism organization profiles.

3. Intelligent Travel – National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel blog isn’t specifically green focused, but with the traditional National Geographic attitude it features articles, profiles and tips that all fall under the category of conscious travel, with travel dispatches everywhere from New York City’s High Line to ancient rainforests in Australia.

4. Why Go EcoTourism – Part of the Bootsnall consortium of travel blogs, Why Go EcoTourism is a great place to start your eco travel research. You can easily navigate through various modes of accommodation, including eco lodges and farm stays, and get tips on other eco travel resources like books and guides.

5. Green Traveller – A UK-based site, Green Traveller offers advice on everything from cargo ship travel to staying in treehouses. It’s a well-respected site that’s been mentioned by other travel media like Conde Nast and Rough Guides.

6. Go Green Travel Green – Co-founded by travel savvy ladies Kimberly and Elizabeth Sanberg, Go Green Travel Green features the latest and greatest in green travel gear and tips. They’ve also got a great section on Green Travel 101 for those still a little unsure on the Who, What, Where and Why of it all.

7. HelpEx – If you’re looking to add a stay at an organic farm, or do some volunteer work on your next trip, HelpEx provides a great community of farms, B&Bs, and even sailboats that invites volunteer helpers to stay with them short-term in exchange for food and accommodation. An excellent way to experience a new place if you’re a fan of slow travel and truly taking part in a local community.

8. The Guardian Green TravelThe Guardian’s section committed to green travel offers a wealth of advice, and includes features on up and coming destinations along with highlighting those spots you just thought couldn’t get any more interesting.

9. Seat 61 – If taking the train enters into any of your travel plans, make sure to consult Seat 61. In the online travel community, this is the one and only site to go to when it comes to researching train travel in other countries. The site covers in detail train travel in almost every country that trains exist, including links to train travel companies, tourism boards and tips on buying tickets.

10. Traveling Greener – Traveling Greener is a blog inspired by green travel news and trends, so it’s jam packed with the latest and greatest in green travel information. Check out Traveling Greener’s Twitter feed too which always has links to interesting articles and tidbits.

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Anna Brones

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