10 Songs for When You’re Crying Because You Can’t Fit into Your Summer Bikini Anymore

An exclusive EcoSalon playlist fit for summer.
Here is a mix that sings to your lonely summer bikini. It’s a specially designed mix to get your body movin’ to shed off winter’s overcoat.
But most importantly, love your body ladies, and let this infectious dance music make you and your summer bikini one again.

Summer FM by BehindTheWalk-In

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1. Number One – Cindy Janson

2. Cruel Summer – Bananarama

3. Candy Love – Janice Christie

4. Love Come Down – Evelyn King

5. Summer in the Streets – Carrie Lucas

6. With or Without You – Ann Marie

7. Take Your Time (Do It Right) – SOS Band

8. No More Tears No More Lies – Cherokee

9. Two of Hearts By – Stacey Q

10. Let The Music Play – Shannon

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Image: Helga Weber