10 Songs to Do Yoga To

An exclusive EcoSalon playlist that will help you channel your inner warrior.

Some people like a silent room for their morning salutations, and others need just a little musical rhythm. If you’re part of the latter, this playlist is for you, and if you’re not, play it ahead of time, for some pre-yoga session inspiration.

Check out the music videos below, or instead of clicking play every time one music video ends and you need to start the next, go even further ahead and listen to all of them nonstop on our 10 Songs to Do Yoga playlist on 8tracks.

1. The Ocean (Part 1) – Two Bicycles

Two Bicycles – Sunset from Behind the Walk-in on Vimeo.

2. Sunset – Two Bicycles

3. Always Returning – Brian Eno

4. Submersible – Oneohtrix Point Never

5. The Shade – Eno – Moebius – Roedelius

6. Postcard – Mark McGuire

7. No Drums – Tim Hecker

8. Wind on Wind – Brian Eno & Robert Fripp

9. Fay Deau Deau – System 7

10. Heaven & Hell, Pt. 1 – Vangelis

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Image: ZenNomad