10 Songs To Prepare You For Your Retro Future

An exclusive EcoSalon playlist for the musically adventurous.

Here, especially for you, are ten trending songs in the creative arts showing the influence of depictions of the future prior to about 2084…the retro future that is.

FUTUЯE · ЯETRO by BehindTheWalk-In

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  1. VISIONsystems – VERACOM
  2. Hot In The City – Golden Axe
  3. Big Chris On The Couch – Honeydrum
  4. Permission 2 Party – Man Made Hill
  5. Touch Confusion – White Ninja
  6. HB☯ PORN – 情報デスクVIRTUAL
  7. b a b e l a n d – a i r s p o r t s
  8. Smoking On My Coconut – AFRIKA PSEUDOBRUITISMUS
  9. Circuitry Man – [PHYSICS]
  10. ☹ – Teamm Jordann + Police Academy 6

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Image: x-ray delta one