10 Songs To Walk Down a Foreign Sidewalk To

An exclusive EcoSalon playlist inspired by the streets of the old world. 

You squeeze your way past a busy cafe table, you dodge a Vespa, you nearly miss a run-in with a bike; there’s nothing quite like a European stroll. In the spirit of travel and exploring new cities, this week’s playlist is dedicated to the time spent wandering the sidewalks of a new city. Not because you have somewhere to be, but because you have somewhere to enjoy.

SIDEWALKING♯ by BehindTheWalk-In

10 Songs for the European Sidewalk from ecosalon on 8tracks.

Track list:

  1. Sidewalk Of The City – Syd Dale & His Orchestra
  2. Safari Strut – Whitefield Brothers
  3. Douceur Tropicale – Michel Lorin et son ensemble
  4. Madrid – Collage
  5. Perdido – Gene Krupa
  6. Primitive Spirit – Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen
  7. Slowrama – Pierre-Alain Dahan
  8. Hashish Party – Georges Garvarentz
  9. Maïlys – Cortex
  10. Mah na mah na – Piero Umiliani

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Image: Anna Brones