10 Style Tips Every Woman Should Know Now


Style never goes out of style…and it can be a lot easier than you think with some of these tips in your fashion arsenal.

If you’re like me, I like savvy style tips that I can implement today that won’t break my budget. Yes, we all know we should own a great LBD (little black dress), a classic cotton white t-shirt, a fitted blazer and a pointy closed-toe heel. These are all good but what about the other stuff that we come across on a daily basis like “how do I wear all white?” or “does this purse go with my outfit?”

We want simple solutions, am I right ladies? Below I’ve put together my top 10 style tips based on questions I’ve received from my clients and girlfriends.

1. Own at least one seamless nude bra and a Spanx slip in nude. These two items will solve a lot of undergarment see-through issues. Be sure to match the nude color as close to your skin tone as possible.
2. You’re handbag doesn’t have to match your shoes! Tie in your handbag or shoe colors with other accessories instead, like a belt, hat, bracelets, etc.

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3. Wearing all white is a statement, try mixing different materials and textures and layering pieces when going for this monochromatic look.
4. Save a trip to the tailors for those jeans that are too long. Instead use a few strips of fashion tape and fold the amount you want inward (reverse outside cuff).
5. If you’re bustier, go for a higher neckline as oppose to a plunging or low v-neck. This will actually flatter your figure more.
6. Muffin top can be hidden by purchasing pants or jeans that hit right at your waistline instead of below it.

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7. Make a blazer, jacket, sweater or button shirt feel new again by changing out the buttons with some detail.
8. Thinly shaped belts (1/2 inch to an inch wide) are classic and chic, use one to cinch a cardigan or sweater right at the waistline to give your body shape.
9. Scarves are great accessories, don’t be afraid to try one’s with bold patterns and color. It will brighten up your face without having to use bronzer.
10. Jewelry pairing is tricky, so here are my savvy rules: If you’re wearing big earrings go for a dainty necklace or go without and instead pair with a chunky ring or layered bangles. If you’re wearing a statement necklace pair with small stud earrings or no earrings.

Maria is a style blogger at Savvynista.com and a personal wardrobe stylist and image coach. She coaches her clients to be stylishly savvy for any occasion.

Images: Vincent Boiteau, PacificCoastNews, Scrapbook.com