10 Ways to Use a Dryer Sheet

From debugging the grill of your car to cleaning pots and pans, there’s more than one way to use a dryer sheet. 

You’ve probably heard the tip about putting dryer sheets in your vacuum or bottom of the trash can to keep things smelling fresh. You haven’t? Well, it’s true. And here are ten additional ways of fluffing up your abode with downy freshness (we always suggest using non-toxic dryer sheets!)

1. Dusting
Use dryer sheets to dust blinds, fans or almost any surface. The anti static properties in the sheets will help repel the dust. They are easy to hold and you can dust your laundry room after folding the clothes. Don’t forget to dust the TV and reduce static on the screen.

2. Reduce Static Cling
Rub on your dress or stockings to keep your dress from riding up. You can also use them on your computer and TV screen. Even rub on your hair to prevent ecstatic flyaways.

3. Pets
Rub a sheet on your wet dog to take away the “wet rug” smell after a swim or bath. Towel him or her dry first. You can remove pet hair from your clothes and furniture with them as well.

4. Freshen Gym Accessories
Keep them in your gym bag, boxing gloves or shoes to keep away mold and stinky funk.

5. Cars.
De-bug or de-sap your car with dryer sheets. Wet down your car and rub with the sheets to remove bug guts on the windshield or the front grill. It works like a charm on tree sap, too. While you’re at it, toss one into the trunk to freshen things up in there.

6. Easy Clean Up
Clean paint brushes by soaking in warm water with a dryer sheet. Works on pots and pans with burnt on food, too. Use the same method.

7. De-Squeak Your Shoes
Rub on the bottom of rubber soled shoes to keep them from squeaking on cement floors.

8. On the Road
Place between your packed clothes to get rid of that musty luggage smell. Keep in your suitcase and camping gear when stored, too. Put them in the air conditioner vent in your hotel room to take away mildew odors.

9. Crafts
Run a sheet over your thread while sewing. The thread won’t tangle as easily. They can add structure to appliqué and quilting projects, too.

10. Insect Repellant
Tuck them in your socks or belt to keep away the bugs. You might look ridiculous but it works in a pinch.

Bonus Sheets!
Wipe scissor blades with a sheet to help them cut smoother lines. Use dryer sheets to polish your glasses, though not recommended for plastic lenses.

Image: This Week for Dinner